Sorry to drag up anyone's past, but I just wondered if anyone was receiving "special treatment" due to previous m/c's or problems? I have dr's app on Monday and want to go in prepared and do not want to be fobbed off. I know someone who hadmultiple m/c's and they were not going to offer any "extra's" until she demanded and then they did, but I havent had that many. xx


  • Hi Tuppence

    I am on baby no 4 now. My first in 1994 I had pre-eclampsia and was in hospital for about 6 weeks prior to having Holly at 38 weeks. When I got pregnant with Max (1999) I was under consultant care and given special scans and extra mw appts to keep a check on my bp and protein and was admitted a couple of times to hospital and then induced on my due date due to pre-eclampsia.

    Then in Jan 07 I had a mc and when I got pregnant again in March my doctor arranged for hcg levels to be taken to reassure me that all was going well and was again referred to a consultant and given extra checks and probably had 6+ scans in total, bi weekly blood checks as this time I developed OC so was in and out of day care and eventually induced at 37+5.

    Now pregnant again and once GP knew I was pregnant wanted to see me and organised for my bloods to be done Mon & Wed of this week to check my HCG and has written to my last consultant to ask her to look after me again and it is a case of waiting for hospital appts now.

    I am only 5+5!!!

    Hope that helps.

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