What are you looking forward to doing after giving birth?

Other than the obvious being a mommy and meeting your lil one.

I can't wait to eat runny eggs!!!!

I want to sleep on my tummy again!!

I want to have a selection of clothes that fit (sat here in hubbys clothes)

39 weeks today



  • I also cannot wait to lose the weight and wear normal nice clothes again. oh's tshirts and boxers really arent that flattering with my jelly legs haha and being able to crawl around on the floor with tegan again and lie/sleep on my tummy xxx
  • I am looking forward to eating brie, prawns, eggs and soldiers and drinking champagne image

    I also can't wait to lie on my tummy and to be able to lie on my hubby again too, just for a cuddle ;\)

  • eating camenbert again! hubby's been ordered to have hot camenbert and warm bread for when im out of hospital! and having a drink agaiN!!

    oh and sex!!! hubby dont do sex with pregnant women! lol GRRRR...... anyone elses oh's not do it? x
  • runny eggs and a lovely cold bottle of lager!!! becks preferably, or a nice vodka red bull!!!
  • eating runny eggs, mmm!! and mcflurries i miss them!!

    and sleeping on my stomach!
  • oh i forgot sex, for some reason i go off it when im pregnant, my poor oh lol so looking forward to that and a few pints of malibu and coke :lol: xx
  • Mmmmm, a nice glass of tia maria and coke, prawn cocktail and a mr whippy ice-cream!

  • Makes me giggle they are mainly food related!!!

    I can't wait to sleep on my tummy either - that's definitely the BEST thing EVER to look forward too!!!

    LOADS of food I also want to eat, but its definitely a nice snooze on my tummy! Also lying on the floor watching TV on my tummy - stuff like that!

  • Sleeping on my tummy, not having to have help getting out of bed/ off the sofa etc!

    Am looking forward to eating a dippy egg and pate and rare steak and my Hubby's spaghetti Carbonara.

    Saying all that, I am soooo enjoying my bump and being pregnant, that I am happy to wait for all of that!
  • I'm glad I'm not the only one, Hannah, who's looking forward to losing weight!! I'm almost looking forward to going on a diet! I'm sure that feeling won't last though!!!

    I'm also looking forward to getting a good night's rest - ha! so that will be in about 10 years then...

    the food & drink side I'm not that bothered about, I've really not missed drinking strangely and I've not been that strict on the food anyway.

    Most of all I'm looking forward to holding my baby in my arms and looking into his eyes! Aaaahhh...
  • Same i want to lay on my front! and eat a runny egg!! xx
  • thought of another one, chocolate (cant eat eat as gives agonising heartburn)
  • I am also really looking forward to telling people s/he is here and introducing him/her to all our family and friends!
  • I'm lookin forward to seein my baby, obviously, cos it feels like I've been been pregnant FOREVER! lol Also lookin forward to not havin the heartburn, sore back and major tiredness.
    Can't wait to have Liver Pate and rare steak again either. Plus, a nice pint of Lager.


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  • Aa big glass of chilled white wine and some pate with crusty bread!!hhmmmmmmm

    20+2 xx
  • Having a night out with the girls at somepoint - mmm Southern Comfort and lemonade!!!

  • [email protected] - try Becks non alcoholic beer! Its rocks!

    As for runny eggs I never stopped eating them, Dr didn't really see the point so have carried on having my runny eggs and solders every Sunday morning!

    I am most looking forward to sleeping on my tummy! lol can't believe how much i miss it! and nice long, ice cold malibu and coke and just the right time of year to do so! To fit back into my normal cloths and sorry for the TMI but looking forward to seeing what on earth i am shaving!!!
  • Im looking forward to sleeping on my tummy, being able to dry my feet/put socks on, have a lager (im no drinker but i just fancy one lol), wearing my jeans and showing my little girl off oh and mcflurry or strawberry milkshake hmmmm lol!

    xxD&Bumpxx (38+1)
  • Mmm....losing weight...sleeping on my tummy...having mad passionate sex again(or any sex would be good!).....runny eggs.....rare steak...pate.....brie.....champagne.....cool dry white pinot grigio....cold gin and tonic with ice and lime....is that too much? :lol::lol::lol:
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