Baby not moving - can't sleep....

Bump changed shape yesterday, and seemed to get smaller.... baby didn't move yesterday at all till 4pm, when I made it move, and hasn't moved since.

Now very worried and can't sleep......

Have midewife appt at 8:30am so will just wait till then to hear the heartbeat. Not usually this paraniod but just can't get them to move at all.......

Sam 28+5:cry:


  • dont worry the little one has probably just found a lovely little place to sleep!
    My bump changes shape all the time - very strange - and some days i cant feel her kick either which stresses me out but i read somewhere that babies are like us if they have a busy moving day they can be quite quiet for few days sleeping!

    I had my 4D yesterday and she was moving so so much and i couldnt fel a thing until she really kicked.
    Please try not to worry im sure everything is fine
    good you got appointment it will put your mind at rest

    Good luck let us know how you get on!
    Laura (26+5)xxx

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  • Hi Sam
    yes like Laura says baby often has a bit of a mad day and then an off day, he/she is also getting very cramped up in there now, so you will feel him/her less often, tell your midwife today when you see her but I'm sure baby is fine and it will put you at ease.

    Good luck
    Em x
  • try not to worry too much uv probably just made it really comfy in there for him! hope app goes well.

  • Hi Sam.

    How did it go this morning? I hope your midwife found the heartbeat ok. I bet little one started moving loads as soon as you got to the appointment!! Hope so xxxx

  • Hi ladies

    Thanks for your supportive words!

    Baby finally moved about 4:40am, so I went to bed!

    Heard the heartbeat at the midwife, so all good! I am still measuring 4 weeks ahead, ( at 32 weeks ) but she thinks that is just because I am small ( only 5ft tall and size 8 ) and she believes that there is just not a lot of room in there!!

    I am going for my 4D scan later, and am sooooooooooooo looking forward to it!

    I can look forward to it now - as I was so worried in the night.

    Thanks again for all your kind words!

    Sam xx
  • Sam glad everything is well.

    My little one didn't move much yest either - normally quite active late pm / early eve - so used a doppler and listened to the heartbeat - it's reasurring when you hear it isn't it.

    e.d.d 4th july
  • some days my bump is non-exsistant, other days it's huge.

    When it's small I know it's at the back as I have very bad back ache but it only does this if I sleep on my front, I think I squash it so it hides at the back LOL
  • That's great news Sam! Have fun at your 4D scan! xxxx

  • Thanks!!!! 2 and a half hours and counting!!
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