Braxton Hicks?

What do braxton hicks feel like?
Im currently 33 +3 days and im not sure if i have had any!
Is it normal not to have any? This is my first
Pregnancy x x x


  • Was just about to write a similar post. I'm only 28 + 5 but over the weekend I've been getting quite strong pains across the top of my bump, going across-not down. Didn't know whether anyone would know whether these are braxton hicks? My second pregnancy but didn't get any in my first!
  • Hi I've been getting them everyday for the past two or three weeks.
    They are very strange tummy goes really tight and hard the after a few seconds just dies down. I mainly get them when I make a sharp movement or at work when I've been stood up for a while. They can come at any time though.
    I think you would probably know if you've had any although I didn't know what they were at first. But I've read that not everyone gets them. They're not supposed to hurt though but get stronger throughout your pregnancy.

  • I have not had any either and im the same as you 33+3! Not sure what to look out for either...

  • Hi, I didn't think I was having any either, but when I saw my midwife last week she had her hand on my tummy and said I was having a tightening - I had no idea, and this is my second baby! With hindsight I think I did have them with my first son too, but just didn't recognise them. They feel like some pressure across and under my bump, but I had thought the pressure was coming from the inside out, so I'd been blaming my baby and thinking he was pushing against me, poor little chap! Oh, and I've noticed my bump goes quite hard when I have them too. I get them several times a day, usually a few at a time xx

  • Hi, i have been having them since about 18 weeks, just feels very tight and my tummy goes hard. They are a little uncomfortable but not painful. I tend to get them after doing too much, ie hoovering the stairs (i know, very naughty but we have a very hairy black dog who likes to sleep on the beige carpet!) Some people dont feel them, so maybe you are one of the lucky ones? I cant say they are a very enjoyable part of pregnancy to be honest! xx
  • Hi,

    this is my fourth pregnancy and I vaguely remember having them with my first. I am currently 31 + 1 wks and have been getting them for the last week or so. They are really sore!!! Admittedly I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to pain but these are bad- as someone else has said they tend to go across the top of the bump but I have also been getting them up and down my back and in my legs.

    I really don't think I can cope like this for the next 9weeks!!! I just hope MY date is correct rather than the sonographer coz then it would onlty be 7 weeks (with the added bonus that I have previously always been 2 weeks early- heres hoping
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