where will your baby be sleeping?

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I was wanting to know where evreyones newborn will be sleeping in its own room in a cot or in a crib/mosses basket in you room? or if you already have a lo where it slept when it was born.

I was dead set on having baby its its own room in cot from day 1. I have recently read though you should have it in with you as it can reduce cot death.so now I'm really worried and dont know what to do for the best. This will be our 1st baby and I dont want to make any big mistakes.

Thanks for any replies and advice X


  • I had little one in moses basket for about 3 months and then went into his cot. It also makes it easier for breast feeding in night as just lent over and got him from crib without too much fuss. Plan to do the same when i get pg this time. Filo x
  • FSID (Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths) recommend baby sleep in a cot or crib in parent's room for first 6 months - I shall be following their advice as they are the UK's leading researchers in this field and their previous advice (that baby's sleep on backs) saw a reduction in the rate of cot deaths by well over 50%. They are not flippant in giving their advice. Check out their website for their full sleep advice.
  • Thanks all esp redpod will have a look at FSID. I think we might be changing plans and having baby with us by the sound of replies. Also hello Filo hope you well I keep looking out for you getting your BFP. X
  • Our baby is going to be in our room in the moses basket until about 6 months and then in its cot in with my son until we can move!
  • Baby will sleep in our room in a crib until about 6 months then off to cot in own room . Well, that's the plan at the moment!
  • Hi
    We were the same as you and changed our mind at the last minute and bought a moses basket for our baby to sleep in. He was by the side of my bed in that for the first 13 weeks and then he outgrew it so I had no choice but to put him in his cotbed in his own room. (It had got to the point he literally couldn't move, bless him!).
    This was 2 weeks ago and he's slept 10-11 hours straight since doing this and I'm really pleased he's taken to it so well otherwise I dunno what I'd do!
    I also sleep better now as I am not aware of the tiny snuffles and funny noises LO makes while sleeping....
    Hope this helps...

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  • i had oliver in with me until about a week ago! (he is 16m) he has to share a room with big bro and was no space for a cot in there so he has just gone into his big boy bed, good job really with no4 on the way didnt fancy having 2 babies in with me,lol.
  • Hi! I;m planning on having baby in my room in moses basket or cot for first 6 months - its much easier when breastfeeding. My first baby wouldn't sleep in a moses basket and had to put him in a cot a 1 week old. XXX
  • My little one will be in a moses basket in our room for the first few months or whenever he outgrows it. He doesn't really have a choice as there is no other room lol, plus its so much easier for feeding.

    My mum told me she got so sick of my little sister's whinging that she moved her moses basket downstairs 8 days after she was born and switched the baby monitor off! Must admit I was quite shocked, but it makes sense - My sister's an attention seeker to this day...
  • We put Oliver in a moses basket in our room until he was 4 months old and then put him in his cot at the bottom of our bed until he was 6 months. Will be doing the same again when this one arrives in july.
  • I am going to use a moses basket by the bed for the first few weeks just until I get used to the fact there's a baby! I think I will be reassured by being able to just put out my hand to touch the baby and to be able to pick the baby up easily for b/f. After a few weeks we will move baby into a cot -also in our room - so they get used to sleeping in a cot and have room to stretch out their arms and legs (especially if they are a long baby which I am half expecting). We may have to move one of our chests of drawers into baby's room to make room for the cot in our room and then swap them back when baby is old enough to have the cot in his/her own room.
  • I will have baby next to me in a moses basket for the first 6 weeks and then he/she will be next door in the cot.
    Luckily the room next door is very close and even sound can be heard other wise I may of had baby in my room for 3 mths as most mothers do.
    I think you will find what feels right for you.
  • Most babies grow out of Moses baskets well before the 6 month mark (my lo's little head was hitting the top at 2and a half months so we had to put her in her own room at 3months (the cot bed we have is too big for our room). I couldnt have had my lo sleeping in another room when she was newborn... i'd have been getting up to check on her every 2 mins!! Statistically the chance of cot death peaks at 2months (that stuck in my head.. dont know why). x
  • Just wondering why is cotdeath more likely if they are not in a room with you?
  • I don't think the causation factors increase - I think its the fact you are less likely to repond or be aware if a problem does arise. I think it's true that the risk of cot death diminishes as the child gets older but don't kid yourself it doesn't happen beyond a certain age. My best friend lost one of her children to cot death at 18months. Whilst it is very rare at that age it can happen. I will definately be keeping my baby in our room until 6 months (as FSID suggest) and possibly longer. My sister's lo is just about to turn 1 and she has had her in their room all this time with little/no disruption to anyone's sleep patterns. And let's face it - even if it does cause a bit of dissruption - for the sake of 6 months to a year of your long life - why not reduce the risk and have them with you. That's my logic anyway but then I have very painful personal experience to draw on.

    My advice is follow FSIDs advice - their advice has seen dramatic reductions in the number of cot deaths since they started which demonstrates the validity of their advice.
  • Hi, im staying at home with my mum for first year as im gonna be on my own. i will have a front room down stairs as mum is giving up here dinning room and i will so have my bedroom lo will have to stay in the same room til i move out which will be around a year. i know its not ideal but me and lo will be better off with the support of my family. does anyone think that this is really bad for lo? im going to have him in his moses basket til he does not fit but i will put moses basket into cot to let him get use to his cot to.
    Tori XxX (32+1)
  • Im not pg yet but this question has me quite worried. How would you know cot death was happening? If you are asleep would you know even if they are in your room? Our plan was to have baby in our room for a few weeks then into their own room which is the next room. Am i wrong in thinking that if its gonna happen it will happen regardless of whether they are sleeping next to you or in the next room.
  • Your thinking seems logical MKT86 but nonetheless it appears to make a difference - I must admit I don't know why - but FSIDs advice arises out of years of research including death scene studies, lifestyle research and other such research and investigations.

    Since FSID launched its "Reduce the Risk" campaign in 1991 in conjunction and with the support of the DoH the cot death rate has fallen by a staggering 75%!!!!!!

    Even so, there are still about 300 cot deaths a year. FSID and government statistic show that 63% of cot deaths are babies under 3 months but that still means almost 40% over 3 months. The statistics also show that cot death is the leading kind of death in babies over one month old - claiming more lives than meningitis, leukaemia, other forms of cancer, household and road traffic accidents put together. All this info is on the FSID website.

    As you can tell I'm a big fan of FSID image
    (please donate generously or hold a fundraiser!) they do a great job.
  • Matthew is 9mths and has been in my bed since he was born, hes my 5th child and ive done the same with all of my children. I know its not recommended that you have them in your bed but think you should do what feels right for you. I dont smoke, drink or take any drugs or medication and sleep very lightly, waking at every single movement. I also have a bed guard and dont use a pillow to prevent any possibility that it may go over his face. x
  • Hi with my first she was in with us in the moses basket then her cot until she was 1, but it was hard work cause she would wake and want in with us then. With my second he was in with us in the moses basket until he was 8 weeks then put him in his own room in the moses basket inside the cot to get him used to it and the monitor on and night light and after about a week he settled really well and slept right through from 9 til 7 and has done ever since he is now 5 1/2 months old and will be doing the same with this one to i think they settle better in there own room.
    vikki xx
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