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Quinny Dreami Carrycot


Hope you can help.

We have bought the Quinny Buzz 4 and love it.

We want to get hold of the carrycot in the same colour (Storm) but think we will have to get it shipped from the UK - we live overseas.

Can anyone recall how the dreami carrycot came packaged? Boxed? Full size? collapsed for self assembly?

Thanks girls, that will really help me out!

Romeo x


  • Hi Romeo,

    I've got the quinny buzz 4 & the dreami carrycot. We got ours from Kiddicare & the carrycot came already assembled in a large box. It had a fleece blanket with it also. We didn't have to assemble any of it. I'm glad you like the quinny. We've not used ours yet, I was due yesterday & there's no sign of my little man coming any time soon!

    Hope this helps,
  • Thanks so much D7B - thats very helpful!

    Good luck with the impedning birth - naughty little one being late!

  • Where do you live romeo? I live in Italy and found that the best place to order the dreami was on ebay from Germany. Most UK suppliers I have found wont post overseas - if you find one let me know!
    The post office will send it parcel force for about 20 pounds though, so if you were in the UK and could post it yourself....

  • Hey Jo,

    Well, we are going home at Christmas so wondering whether to get it then and then post it to ourselves - im very concerned about things being lost in the post as nothing ever seems to get to us! We are in the middle east and there is no choice here really!

    I was hoping that if it came flat packed we would be able to fly it back with us.

  • i wonder if maybe you could take it as hand luggage?

    i'm sure my SIL took her carrycot on the plane when she had her baby in it so maybe they would let you anyway? worth asking the airline - especially if you're flying business class or going by emirates
  • The hood bit does go down flat so you could fit it in a largish bag, and then go in the hold. Prob be cheaper and easier to do that. Thinking about it I am sure that would work.
    You are like me, things seem to leave the UK in post and then for us get stuck in Italy!
  • Both very good ideas - we are flying Emirates business class so i think perhaps we should just use our business class priviledges!
    Thanks girls!
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