Nursery Interiors collections...

...i want a bright unisex nursery interior collection which includes:

Curtains (the ones that hook and clip to rail not tab)
Wallpaper border for middle of room
Light shade (for main light)
Cot bedding

Ideally i want an animal theme and not too expensive

any ideas


  • Think Mothercare does a jungle theme too.
    What about this gorgeous one from Lollipop Lane??

  • Mothercare do My Jungle Family range which is lovely. Mamas and Papas do a range called Hodge Podge - it's not jungle but it's an enchanted forest with cute animals and lots of different textures, it's so cute.
  • Thanks I like both the mothercare and toys are us jungle family ranges...but the mothercare one doesnt have a lightshade I am wondering if you could mix and match the two ranges?
  • I also hate the tab top curtains....if youare going for the colourful range then you could go to Dunelm (if there is one close to you and match up the curtains....I did that, they were only ??20 so I treated myself to the blackout lining too....

    I wanted beige so I had the I love my bear range from Babies R us.......

    Im sure you can mix and match both mothercare and ToysRus if they are similar colours....

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