2nd baby worries

Hi Ya, i haven't been on here since my sons birth in Sep 2007. I'm expecting my 2nd now and i;m terrified image
What is it like having 2?



  • i wont lie hun and say it easy been pregnant and having a toddler to look after coz its not, my daughter is 20months and i have 3 weeks left till my son is born, the few weeks are hard and the last few weeks, but it is so going to be worth it, i think a close age gap is really nice as the kids will grow up together and hopefully be really close, just try and involve you son as much as possible with your pregnacey, i tell my daughter everyday that its her baby brother in there and she is going to be a big sister, i know she doesnt really understand but its just the start of them been close, good luck hun hope you have a easy pregnancey x
  • hi. I had a little bot sept 07 too. I'm now 31 weeks pregnant. The first couple of months were tiring. 2nd trimester was fine-apart from backache from lifting George!! I'm struggling a little again with tiredness now, but I am still working. Think the first 6 months will be tough, after that I hope the 2 form a close bond and friendship x
  • my daughter was 2 years 4 months when i had my son and she coped really well with it all. i think all children act different to the situation.
    i would say get you son to help out with getting baby stuff ready, ask him if there is any toys he does not want any more and that he coulf give to baby.
    when baby is born make sure people bring gifts for both children so you son does not get jelous.
    good luck with every thing.

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