Could anyone help please?

Hi mom's, I thought this would be the best place to go as I'm very new to this. Does anyone see a faint line on this test please? My eyesight isn't very good so it could just be a reflection. Thank you ximageimageimage


  • Hi, 

    I can't say I can see a faint line hun but have you thought about getting a clear blue pregnancy test that says pregnant or not pregnant. 

    I kept missing my period and was having pregnancy signs but all tests like the one showing in your photos weren't showing with anything. 

    I then purchased a Clear Blue test which came back with the words pregnant and 3 weeks +. I know they can be overpriced but if your unsure, this is the only advice I can give you. 

    I hope you get the result back that you want, and everything goes well. 

    Good luck, 


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