is anyone out there having trouble with stopping smoking? i feel like a terrible person


  • hia, im 38+2 weeks and i still havent been able 2give up. i hardly smoke anything but still have to have the odd one. i feel really bad though but no matter how much i try and stop myself i cant do it! i smoked quite alot b4 getting pregnant though and also smoked cannabis which i think has made it a bit harder to give up. as long as u dont smoke flat out it should be ok i think xx
  • Hiya babe!!

    I tried sooo hard! I am now 29 wks and 8 wks ago I was smoking 40 a day. I had cut down initially but then through getting SPD and being totally bored it crept right back up again. I felt horrible - I was spending sooo much money that I could have spent on lo and I could smell it everywhere. I couldnt even imagine what I was doing to my lo and myself!

    My midwife was very supportive and said - under no circumstances to stress myself out over it but I was stressed whether I smoked or not!

    I ended up paying ??95 to be hypnotised and I havent touched one since! I have been a smoker for 23 years with the majority of that being 20+ a day!

    It is expensive to be hypnotised but after 9 1/2 days - the treatment had paid for itself and I feel sooo much better for it and I know I am doing what is best for me!

    Dont stress - with my previous 2 pregnancies I did smoke all the way through but by no means as much as I was this time. I am not a "born again" - do what feels best for you. Stress either way is no good for either of you - if all you can do it cut down then cut down! Take it in steps - I would have done but my willpower is absolutely crap!

    Good luck and dont panic!!!
  • I'm still smoking hun but only 1 or 2 a day, sometimes I forget to have 1. Found it easier once you are showing as it did make me feel guilty but even though I can't say it isn't harming my baby its a choice I've made. I'm very honest and open about it.
    Sorry its making you feel terrible hun but I hope you and baby arn't stressing too much.

    Katie and bambino.x x x
    32 weeks
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