Where do you feel movement the most?

Hello mummies to be!
I was just wondering where you all feel movement the most? With my past two pregnancies I felt it around my belly button the most but with this one it seems to be much lower. I'm 24 weeks, where do you feel baby move the most? I was just worried it might mean the baby is breech as all the movement is lower?


  • Hi Carlybarley

    I wouldn't worry too much, for a start at 24 weeks the baby is probably still doing roly-polys in your tummy so will be head up, head down etc for a while yet before settling.

    Also you might have a puncher this time rather than a kicker so that could affect where you feel movement. I know my baby's head down at the moment but I feel movement both high up (kicking) and a lot low down too (punching!).

    xx (33w)
  • Carlybarley, the same is happening to me. I am feeling all my movements very low down but with my last pregnancy it was different.

    I'm not worried though as I know it will all change as the time goes on.

    AnneMarie xx
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