im gettin annoyed wit....

people who dont really kno who comment on the size of ur bump i go to a parent course every thursday near where i live every tym i go the ppl that run the group keep sayin to me ave'nt u got a small bump wen isit due etc etc im like its none of ur beewax lol really pissing me of cos im a very small petite girl neway this is my 2nd preg im 20+4wk but with my 1st preg i was huge dnt wan be like that again.ne1 havin the same trouble.


  • I get alsorts of comments ranging from 'blimey youve piled on the weight since i last saw you' (ps ive gained a few pounds since pregnant) and 'oh your tiny - i couldnt tell your pregnant' or 'we'll have to widen the doors soon'!

    Wouldnt mind, but the comments range from me being tiny to me having a big bump! Which is it??

    I will never comment on a pregnant woman's size as i now know what it feels like.
  • yer its not very nice isit i think best thing todo is just to ignore them ppl think they can say whatever they want to preg woman but its not on.
  • I've had the 'Are you sure its not twins' comment - twice actually. No it is NOT bloody twins! :lol: People say that, and then when it comes to giving me a seat on a train apparently they dont notice my bump! Hmmm!
    19 wks today x x
  • Yes...some people are like 'are you having an elephant', 'is it twins', 'can you get any bigger'?
    Others ..'what a lovely neat and compact bump', 'you look amazing', 'your bump is all forward and you look lovely'!!!
    Someone told me to say ... 'yes i suppose i do look big as I'm slim so it will show..i will take it as a compliment'
  • one 'friend' asked if i had had my baby yet three weeks after he was born, and he was in the pram next to me! Erm no, I'm just fat, obviously! :lol:
  • probs just jealous of ur small bump image
  • People are so insensitive! I get a mixed range of comments too- some people say oh your massive and others say I'm neat etc.

    I was at a wedding on Friday and a complete stranger came up to me and said are you pregnant or just full of wind!! I am 34 weeks so it was obvious I'm pregnant!! I could have slapped him.

    Another guy said to my sil (who has suffered anorexia for 10 years) I see you still haven't put any weight on. Again a bloke. She told me she wud love to reply to someone saying that "yeah and I can see u haven't got any better looking!!" We can always lose the weight!!
  • I am expecting twins so its really funny when people comment and say "is there 2 in there" to which I reply "yes"!! I am currently measuring 30 wks, although am only 21+5 and still people say I am small for just cant win. Im also getting fed up with strangers touching my bump xxx
  • hi hun i am 28 + 4 days my bump is tiny even the midwife said i have a small bump then quickly said there is nothing to worry about ,i was 8 and half stone when i got pregnant i am now 10 stone, just ignore people i have learn to we are all ifferent and will grow in are own time
    Take care
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