38 weeks

38 weeks today, feel rubbish ha, still having loads of irregular contractions this is the 4th week now!!! cant wait to be pain free again! come on baby, we want to meet you now!:\)



  • i had pains again the other night but i took some paracetomol and it stopped. 36+4 now. hoping to get to the 17th of april at least. im having braxton hicks 20 od times a day everyday and they are really strong. dunno if this is a sign that things are getting closer or not. keep us updated chrissy xxx

    emma xxx
  • GET OUT BABY!! image

    I hope baby makes an appearance soon hun

  • Ow you poor thing! Lots of walking/sex/Indian food/raspberry leaf tea.....(fitted in between the contractions of course!!!)

    Good luck hon - it'll soon be out fingers crossed.
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