what happens at docs?

I found out I was pregnant last friday (28th march) I have no idea how many weeks I am, as I took my last pill on the 12th feb and didn't wait for a natural period before ttc. So the maximum I could be is 7 weeks tomorrow (unlikely though?)

I took a test on the 20th March and it was negative.

Whats the earliest you could get a positive result on a test?

I plan to go to the docs this Tuesday, and tell them i'm preg. Is that too early? What will they do to confirm it? What will happen next?

Thanks ladies x


  • na its never too early, if you've had a positive test at home you need to go docs as soon as and get your name down with the midwife, all my doc does is a test to confirm and say congrats and give a date for the first midwife appointment. thats the biggy when they ask you every question you can think of about family health etc... xx
  • pretty much what chrissy said but i fell pregnant when i was ON the pill, not on any antibiotics &even had a recurrent alarm on my phone so i took at the same time everyday!!!! so if u ask me it could be anywhen!!! but usualy they calculate your estimated date from last period then more accurate date when you get your dating scan, i was just over 13 weeks when i had mine.

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