9 weeks pregnant & symptoms have disappeared:(

hello, really need some advice going out of my mind with worry. I am 9 weeks pregnant, for about 5 weeks I’ve been feeling constantly sick and really bad fatigue. Yesterday I thought I saw some really light pinkish mucus blood when I wiped.

This morning I’ve woken up to no sickness or anything at all. What’s happening???


  • how long did you see the mucus? was it just once? ive had a few days where symptoms wore off but came back with a vengence! x

  • I agree with queentea symptoms come and go so quickly and change the further along you get, but if you think you saw blood maybe phone your epu and see if they can scan you just to put your mind at ease :) 

  • Sorry for the late reply, I only saw the ’blood’ Once but I’m not 100% it was blood. I have my first appointment with the midwife tomorrow. Will she be able to check for the baby’s heart beat? X

  • She won’t check for heartbeat any earlier than 12 weeks but most wont until At least 16 weeks as baby is just to small 

  • I had the same problem a few weeks ago, told midwife at my booking appointment and she got me in for an early scan the next day, saw babys heartbeat and put my mind at rest straight away. Mention it to her and see what she suggests?

  • do mention it to your midwife she will then judge the best thing to do. i have had pink discharge at about 6-7 weeks and went to epau for scan and all was well x

  • Okay thank you☺️X

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