Think I've pulled something - should I be worried?

Sorry ladies - this is so naff but my tummy's really hurting, the muscles just under the skin, from my belly button right across about 4 inches, up and down about 3 inches. It started when I got up from the sofa too fast on sunday evening but was better yesterday evening and this morning. Without warning it started hurting again this afternoon. If I press on it, it hurts more. Walking and sitting are both v uncomfortable.

Should I call GP/mw? Would there be anything they could do anyhow?

What do you think it is, and have any of you had anything similar?

Owwwww! :\?


  • I'm not sure honey but after my 20 week scan where she had pushed and pulled me, I was aching for about two days afterwards just as you describe.
    I think its because the ligaments are so much looser and therefore easier to damage.
    I am now 26 weeks and have to get OH to pull me off the sofa everytime i get up cos it feels like i will pull something if he doesn't!
    Perhaps ring the MW just to check if its anything else but it does sound like a 'pull'.
    Try and relax and maybe take a paracetemol?

    Rachel. 26+6. x
  • Cheers Rachel, I've felt the baby moving today so it doesn't seem to be hurting her, which is the main thing.

    Paracetamol sounds like a fab idea! Hope your blood test tomorrow goes ok xx
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