Anyone having cosmetic dental treatment on the NHS?

Just wondering because I've got braces which I have to pay for and wanted to know if I should get it free or not? I don't think I do because it isn't necessary and I started the treatment three years ago but jus want to know if anyone else knows?


  • sry i haven't got a clue, i also have a tooth that needs bridging but not sure if this is covered by the maternity exemption card or not?? and also my dentist is nhs so check ups will be free but my hygienist is private (there aren't any nhs ones in the area) but not sure if that covered too or do i still have to pay ??45 a time to see her?

    lol sry to hyjack ur thread kel

  • but what exactly is classed as cosmetic? thats the bit that confuses me. is a bridge cosmetic or is it classed as necessary?
  • I really dont know if a bridge is classes as cosmetic or not? After I have my brace taken off I'm having a bridge as well and should also have to pay for this, but the gap where it will be going is right at the front so if I don't have it I will look ridiculous! So surely this will be necessary lol.
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