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Wee.. a bit gross!!

Does anyone elses wee smell more since becomming pregnant??

Sorry bit of a minging post!! xx


  • Mine does! Midwife tells me its a sign i need to drink more water, so i assume the same goes for you! xxx
  • ah that would figure i havent drunk as much water as i should over the past few days.... the thought of it makes me want to heave!!

  • yeah i know what you mean, i really struggled in the beginning! Weak squash went down a little better, or water with lots and lots of ice and a few pieces of lemon x
  • ooo i have some lemon in the fridge i might try that now!! thanks lynz x
  • No smell, but definately lots more!!!
  • mine smells a bit more but i think its cos i drink 2 much lucoszaid god my spelling is crap but u get the jist of it lol xx
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