Nursing bras for breastfeeding

Hi all

Going to get measured at the weekend for nursing bras. I am currently 35+2 - is this about the right time to be measured.

Also how many would you recommend getting?



  • Hi
    Due to your bump still being fairly high and not dropping until late pregnancy they recommend leaving it as late as you can to be measured. Usually not before 36/37 weeks though. I have ordered 4, 1 in use, 1 in wash and 2 spare should there be an 'accident'!
    Lilou x
  • The lady in John Lewis said to wait until about two weeks before EDD before getting measured. I had not thought about how many bras to get, but I'll probably buy three (one on, one in the wash, one in the drawer!)

  • I would think it would be fine to get measured now but maybe not get all the ones you will in the end if that makes sense?! I didn't get measured till after the birth (OBV with him being so early) and it was cringeworthy in the changing room out from hospital for a couple of hours trying to prevent leakage while lady was measuring me - ANYWAY :lol:

    I would get MORE than anyone else has said - I think I had SIX but I leaked LOADS - I needed a couple sometimes in one day and another 1 or 2 overnight. For the first 2 or 3 months anyway even using breastpads etc once supply settled down I didn't need that many but remember once you know your size and are feeding you cna always pop and get more if needed!
  • if your bump has dropped you should be fine, mine dropped at 34 weeks and my underbust measurement had remained the same since then, if not it may be worth hanging on although i didnt go for measuring until 37 weeks

    i have got 4, two cotton ones for night from m & s and three moulded cups for day from mothercare, chances are your size will contine to change post birth so thats why i only have 4 as i dont want to waste money of i need new ones a few weeks down the line

  • I'd say try to leave it til 37 weeks too. I'd buy about 3 to start with, or if you get more leave the labels on so you can take them back if necessary. When your milk really comes in after the birth you might need a different size (although quite possibly not) - but my main reason for saying this is I bought T-shirt nursing bras, as this is what I always wore, and they were completely unsuitable for me when trying to actually feed (I only have tiny boobs and the padding was too difficult to get out of the way) so I ended up sending my mum out to get some different ones on day 3!
  • have you ladies had to upscale your bras during your pregnancy?

    i ask as an already ample chested woman (38FF). I am 5 weeks and seriously think my boobies have ALREADY got a bit bigger - doesn't take much for them to grow to be honest!!!
  • Hiya - I have about 8 in total :lol:

    I have 4 really comfy ones from M&S, 2 black and 2 white i tend to wear these at night or if im slobbing.

    I also have 4 very nice sexy feeding bras which I got from la senza

    I would say to leave it as late as possible, and only get two to start with then as soon as you can after the birth get measured again and buy more then - my boobs got bigger again after lo's had been born... (started out a C, grew to a D during preg, and am now in an E... :roll: )

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