can anyone help?

Hello ladies,
just wondered if you could help im suffering from siatica (not sure on spelling) i have 4 weeks to work a weeks hol then 6 more weeks.i work in a school.
Im in loads of pain and stressed out loads at work just wondered if i could go on the sick till the holidays without having to start my maternity leave?
is it only in the last 4 weeks they can insist on you starting your maternity leave?
thanks ladies
emma 25+1 xxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • I think it varies on your contract, in mine (not teaching) If I'm off ill and its preg related for more than a day or so they will start my mat leave.
  • I'm a teacher and I've been off sick for my whole pregnancy unfortunately.

    My contract states that they cannot start my maternity leave because of sickness until 4 weeks before the EDD.

    Hope this helps.

    C xx
  • Where I work they cannot enforce MAT leave until 4wks before EDD, anything prior to that which is pregnancy related sickness can also not be taken into account if they have any concerns about levels of sickness. Might be work checking with your HR, or do you have a staff manual or website you can check?
  • thanks ladies will cheak it out today xxxxxxx
    emma 25+2 xxxxxx
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