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very faint pink CM.

I am so scared

When I went to the loo just now I had a small amount of very faint pink/brown CM. There is nothing when I wipe but I am terrified. My cervix is still high so I can't feel if it is open or not.

I know that I can't do anything to stop this. Just wondered if anyone else has had anything similar. Am I loosing my baby?

I am 5 weeks today.



  • I had pink CM a couple of times and it was nothing, but I understand how scary it is - I was petrified! I think if it's not bright red, clotty or accompanied by pain, it's nothing to worry about but easier said than done. It could actually be implantation bleeding which can happen later on than we think.

    I would urge you to stop cervix checking as you'll only worry yourself further if something feels different, when it might not be anything bad.

    Hugs xx
  • When I was 5 weeks pregnant I went to the loo one evening and found my panty-liner covered in reddy/pink discharge. Naturally panicked and phoned NHS direct. lady I spoke to was lovely and as it wasn't proper blood and there was no clots and importantly I wasn't in any pain she told me not to worry and just make an appt with doctor so it could be recorded in my notes. Shre said it was a lot more common than you think. Doctor just made a note and sent me on my way. I was really reassured that nothing was wrong by the fact that they didn't seem worried even without examining me.

    Yours sounds exactly like this so I would say you shouldn't worry but if it would help you phone NHS direct as having someone professional telling you not to worry can really help.
  • Thank you for replying.
    If it was for the fact that I had new white under wear on :roll: I don't think I would have noticed.
    I have had nothing since this morning and the only pain I have (if you can even call it pain, it is that mild) are the AF feelings that I have been having since 7DPO.

    Hopefully evreything is ok and bubs is just worrying me before it even arrives :lol:
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