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Jus back from being monitored at the hospital. Hadn't felt him move today so they told me to go in for the monitoring.

Was jus hoping they'd put it on and everything would be as it should. However, the heart rate stayed at approx 98-100 occasionally reaching 105-110. When I had my last midwife appt it was 147. The midwife got the doctor to take a look as she said it is slow and he did a scan to look at the heart. He reckoned that on the ultrasound scan after removing the monitoring equipt it had sped up to approx 120.

Got to make sure that i'm getting movements over the next 48 hours but now ofcourse I'm worrying about it. I so wish it was July!!

Anyone else experienced this?

Jules x x

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  • hi havent experienced this but wanted to wish you well

    becsxx 25+4wks
  • Hi there, I had this problem with my middle child.... his heart rate was always slow, and also kept dropping a lot, but i was about 34 weeks when they realised this. After lots of regular monitoring they told me he had a low base rate heart beat, but was flowing normal. (average base rate is 140ish) we were about 110. Anyway, this went on till I was 37 +5 weeks, and they were monitoring me to have a c-section when his heartrate dropped again. They rushed me down for the c-section, and he was delivered fine.. BUT they told me the reason behind his low rate and dropping was because he had a very long cord that was wrapped round him and his neck 3 times!. So glad i didnt deliver him naturally!!

    Anyway, with my latest pregnancy, I got checked for the heartrate again from 34 weeks, and he also had a slow base rate, but normal... and he didnt get sudden drops, so I went to 38 +5 before had c-section. he was totally fine.

    I think if your babys heartrate is slow... but isnt dropping suddenly, he/she will be fine, but i would be strong with the hospital to monitor you regular to keep eye on it.. trust your motherly instincts hun.

    Hope all goes well and try not to worry
    caz xx

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