Bleeding in uterus

Has anyone else experienced bleeding in the uterus before?

I am 7+3 and had a scan yesterday due to bleeding and cramps, they found an area of bleeding in the uterus away from the sac but above it. They are treating it as a threatened miscarriage :cry:

Just wondered if anyone else had experienced this as I am slightly worried now.


Sarah xx


  • oh gosh - you must be so worried.
    i had bleeding at 7+4 - but they found a burst cyst on ovary so not sure about your case.

    what have they advised you?
    i hope your little bean proves to be a strong sticky one.


  • They have signed me off of work for one week to rest!!

    I had brown discharge last week and then this happened yesterday, hopefully it's a fighter

    x x
  • Hi

    I had this when I was pregnant with Emilia. Seems a long time ago so not too good on detail. I was getting browny coloured discharge (the day before I went on holiday) and assumed it was AF on her way although she was late.

    On holiday AF never really showed but still was getting browny discharge which eventually stopped but started again a day or two later. When I got home I thought something was up so did a pregnancy test which was positive. I was very excited but about three days later it hit me that I was still having the brown discharge and something might be wrong. I was booked in for an early scan and it showed a bleed in my uterus above the sac. There was a heartbeat which they said was good news and the bleed should be reabsorbed into my body but they could not guarantee everything would be ok. I continued to bleed for about a week after the scan but all turned out well. All in all I was bleeding for about three weeks and spent most of that absolutely terrified.

    I think any bleeding is treated as a threatened miscarriage but doesn't necessarily mean you will
  • hi ya i had bleeding with this preg at 7 weeks and 12 weeks and it is scarey hun they cudnt find the reason 4 mine they think its just old blood frm my cervix i no that doesnt help u much but my point is that all bleeding is not the end and there r so many reasons 4 it mine was treated as a threatened m/c its a horrible thing to class it as but its what they do try not to take it to heart as its just there medical terms they use xxx
  • Hi Sarah,

    I had a heavy bleed with my little boy (who's nearly 2) at around eight weeks and again with this one and I am now 34 weeks. This time round I had a couple of bleeds at 7and 9 weeks, so they gave me some extra scans to monitor what was happening. The area of bleed was visible on the scan, but it did heal up. They could not say what caused it, just that some women have this problem. Try to stay positive and rest up (if you can). Take care.

    Jules x
  • Yep had it too! Had pink mucus (sorry tmi) on Xmas morning, then went on to start bleeding New Years Eve. Finally had a scan and the lady found i was bleeding beside the sac. It was basically hope it stops and take it easy! So far I have had no more bleeding and i have my 12 week scan next scan so i can't wait but im also still really scared!
    Just take it easy and let everyone around you pamper for a bit! xxx

    Cat 11+4

  • Thank you all very much for your comments and advice, it has made me feel a whole lot better!

    The bleeding isn't red anymore it's brown so I'm hoping that it is stopping. Just resting and taking it easy at the moment.

    Thanks again

    Sarah x x
  • Hey Sarah, i guess i am in the same boat as you.
    I am 6+4, last week i hade an episode of fresh bright blood with little clots and bad cramps(sorry tmi), i thought i surely lost my baby. Went for a scan the next day there it was our little bean but in the fundus of the uterus(upstairs) there is a big blod clot,called a hematoma, they said thats where the bleeding comes from and the doctors have no idea why it is there, the bleeding stopped and i had only slight brownish discharge. went in yesterday for another scan, baby has heart beat that made my heart dance, but hematoma is still there and same size, but more fluid the doctor said, last night i started bleeding brownish blood that is very light in amount.
    I am afraid it is a waiting game, the only advice i was given is to drink plenty of water(apparently makes blood flow better), rest, and i was prescribed progesterone supplements.
    Hope all turns well for both of us:\)
  • Sorry, but some more things i do that i have no idea if it helps or not, but wont hurt. No lifting whatsoever, no bending, only bending the kness, i drink 3 litres of water daily and i was told that vitamin B6 is very helpful but it is already there in my prenatals and ofcourse Pelvic rest(no tampoons and no Sex:\( )
    When i have constipation i take some laxatives prescribed by the doctor to avoid straining.
    I was told i was supposed to worry only if the bleeding is more than a normal period
    Hope to hear good news from you and i shall keep you updated, my heart goes to you and all the others going through this.
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