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PND and TTC. Please help!

Hi ladies, my LO is just 2 years and i'm still on anti depressants for PND. Me and hubby have decided its time to start trying for another LO and i've just started being 'weaned' off them yesterday as I'm on Venlafaxine 75mg and under no ciscumstances should these be taken while pregnant,unlike others that they can monitor you on. Doc said that as i've had PND with Harrison i will have a lot of aftercare with next baby etc, however, I'm terrified I get it with the next one. Has anyone been or going through pregnancy/arrival of new baby, who has alreadsy had PND with previous baby's? how have you coped? is the pregnancy worse if you still suffer with PND when you get pregnant?

Any advice will be great as I really feel that I'm just being stupid.
Thanks ladies
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