Spoiling my xmas

I am spending xmas with my inlaws, which is fine cos I love them to bits, and was going up to see my mum on Friday. But she has just called me and has contracted shingles and been signed off work. I am really upset that I might not be able to go up and see her until into January. Although I think it's like chicken pox and only infectious for a certain length of time, I wouldn't take the slightest risk that it might do me or junior some harm. Anyone able to cheer me up and ease my mind? I can't call my mw until Thursday now. xx


  • I know this may not sound like a lot of help but maybe ring nhs direct i am sure they will be open and able to help tonight, It is like chicken pox just an adult version and is ok once they scab over.

    Not sure if this is of help

    Good luck xxxxx
  • Hi

    As long as you have had chicken pox you are fine, thats the advice I was given from doctors and midwives when I was pregnant and my OH ended up with shingles. If you have not had chicken pox you cannot visit as that would be the form of the disease you would contract.

    So strange as this may sound, hope youve had chicken pox and enjoy your visit!
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