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has anyone found that there is a lot happenin to the old bod apart feom heading for six weeks but this time i seem to have changed over night my bum sticks out and i feel my thighs a bit bigger.i never showed this early lol also im trying to eat well but i crave crisps and eat chicken on its own no skin but i still feel tubby not pregnant does anyone wish the tummy would hurry up and appear!!!! any normal advice on eating cause no matter what i will never quite be a salad and tomato gal!!!image


  • thanx for thet.glad to know im normal its just im usually small and it shows more!!!!!!!!!
  • i mainly have just put on weight on bump, but a bit on tops of legs,bum i sthe same too, boobs-are huge! like sb said juts go with it, i eat when im hungry and eat what i want,and i feel thats the best for me. some days i eat really well others i have crisps,choc ect. im not worrying about the weight either.ill sort that out after as im not eating to excess anyway
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