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Just read your post - - and just wanted to say this is exactly how I felt... I was a complete mess running up to my scan last week - - but I am sure you will be just fine.. you don't need to ask any real questions well at least I didn't - - !! and when I said ... what am I meant to be looking at... the woman was wonderful - and pointed out everything to me... and then it all suddenly became very clear... and I even manage to see a hand waving around..! you will be just fine... and when you see your little bean on the screen it will make all the worry worth the while.. Good luck and let us know how you get on.. xx :\)


  • Thanks for your reply, it went really well and they brought my due date forward a few days to 31 May (I knew I was further on than the midwife originally said!) Apparently I did so well with the bladder filling that I had to empty a bit before baby would move, and then there were cartwheels, poor little mite must have been well squashed!! It WAS really amazing but also a bit freaked out this morning, like its happening to someone else! My husband is totally over the moon, though and away to HIS work with the scan pictures!!
    Apparently, everything going well, thats the only scan we get here, which feels a bit strange, but I guess if we don't need to interfere, why should we, nature has been doing this for a lot longer than us!!Keep me posted on your progress, as we must be quite similar stages.
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