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Any 1 got pregnant with rod in arm ??????????????



  • Hi I got my rod put in for the second time and am now worried dat i mite be pregnant as i av had on one period since i had it put in and it was about 2months ago i had a period in the first 2weeks but am always regular but av had no period since. I av been avin some of the symptoms such as sickness, tiredness,constant weeing also had craving for choclate and eating a lot more than usual can so done please help x
  • Iv had it for 15month now ( had it in after my second ) iv always had a period always ! but now not had one in 6 weeks ! This is the 3rd implant iv had & iv never felt anything like this before ... I actually feel pregnant just like when I was pregnant with both my girls, getting v worried :-/ I have read that pregnant like feelings can be side affects for the implant ! Just what we need lol .... But obviously not had these affects before while it's in. Does anyone no even if I took a test would it come up positive if I was or would it be negative with the halmone that's in the implant ?? Thanks x
  • hi.need help ASAP.i done a surgical abortion this oct.25.then i was 9 weeks pregnant.i got an implant fitted straight about 10 weeks i found out i'm pregnant.went for scan and they confirmed 18 weeks i am 22 weeks.should i take the implant out?what if not?i had previos c-section 7 yrs ago and will try VBAC.will the implant have an effect on that?

  • if yor preg its advised to get the implant taken out asap.

    it could cause  a miscarrige  or maybe affect your baby 


  • Hey I'm 6wk later on my period, i have the implant 6 months ago but this time I have nt blood at all. My tits brown not sore, my back kill me now and my belly get every day sum1 help me plz thx 

  • I am 11 weeks pregnant now and relised that I conceived a week before my implant was due out! Xx

  • I'm 19 years old, found out a week ago I am infact 7 weeks pregnant. 

    So it proves that you can actually get pregnant whilst on the implant; I had my first implant fitted when I was 15, then had it removed and replaced in June this year. I'm currently awaiting my implant being removed, but have been told by my doctor that there is no medical proof that the implant can lead to a miscarriage.  

    It is possible that you've managed to get pregnant on the implant due to a couple of reasons;

    - your implant was fitted wrong. 

    - your implant has stopped working.

    - your body has rejected the implant causing it to not work in your body.


    I was also told by my doctor that 3 out of every hundred people in the UK fall pregnant on the implant, which implys that it only has a 97% sucess rate!


    I hope this helps, I can't wait and wish for a happy healthy baby.

    Good luck to anyone with news of pregnancy!

    Amy x

  • I am 19 years old and feel really strange. ive been on the implant nearly 2 years.

    Me and my fiancé have noticed a change in my stomach as it is rounder and more tough, my breasts are feeling very tender and sore, I've been feeling tired lately.

    i know it's unlikely to be pregnant on the implant but I know there is a chance. I don't have periods much, they come and go as they please so I can't rely on that.

    please help. 

  • I have had the Rod in my arm since last year and but now i'm starting not to feel well for a few months now when i tell my partner and my dad they  say you are pregnant... i laugh it off but now i'm not to sure.. maybe i should get a test to see... please help

  • Hi guys!


    I'm on my second implant now and can relate to every single one of you. I have been too the doctors twice and they've done pregnancy tests- negative but i'm 100% adamant that they're wrong. I know a few people who now have children who were on the implant. My first implant was great, no problems at all. Had this one put in 14-01-2013 and first year was okay I guess but this year so far all i've felt is pregnant. I have taken a photo if anyone would like to see but i've had people coming upto me and asking me when i'm due and i wouldn't say I am fat, i am a size 8 with a "bump" my own dad has even said it. 


    I don't know what to do, doctors will not offer me anything else whereas i've asked for blood tests and scans. 

    thanks guys! hope we all get something sorted!

  • I have got the rod in and now im pregnant wive part ner I just bin sick I really don't fill wall

  • Does anyone know if you have to wait a couple of weeks afree you've got the rod put in. 

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  • Hello! I'm 19 years old. I have had 4 miscarriages in the last 4 years. I got put on the rod in march. I have a regular period. Well within the last 3 weeks I've been having pregnancy symptoms. I puke in the morning but also through put the day. My breast are so sore especially my nipples. My back n feet are hurting badly. My feet will swell up. I've been craving some foods and my mood has been changing more often. I have actually randomly cried over a  commercial and it wasn't even sad. I've had all these signs when I was pregnant all the other times. But I have this rod in and been seeing women actually still getting pregnant with it in. And me n my boyfriend don't use protection. What should I do???

  • I also have spotted a little like an implantation period. 

  • I have got the implant in my arm this is the third time I have had it and I have got all the simptoms of pregnancy I never had that with the other implants and the last time I had these simptoms is when I was carrying my little girl who's 3yrs and my boy whos 7yrs I have done pregnancy tests and they say negative just need some advice please 

  • Heyy how did they take it out. And did they find it ok ?

  • I had the Implonon In my upper left arm for 3yrs and at a yr, I got pregnant a miscarred at 3 months. Now I am on the Nexaplon and have had it in for 2 yrs now and I swear I'm pregnant again I feel the exact same way I did the first time . I have taken two test so far one has a slight faint positive and the other one is negotiate so far . With my first pregnancy I took 7 tests first four were negitive next two were positive and the last one was a positive blood test at the Drs. I would test just to be sure !!

  • The only good thing that came out of me having the rods is no periods!

  • I have been on the road for almost 2 years now and I've had about 4 miscarriages on this rod thingy. I didn't want it but my mother had wanted to put it in me just to be safe I didn't end up pregnant. Just the opposite has happened for me and I don't know if its just me or if there is something that makes you have miscarriages. I don't know what I should do and I don't k ow if these miscarriages have made it hard for me to conceive in the future.

    Please help, I am honestly not sure what to do.

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