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I was talking to my boss about when to do my big shop for the nursery/baby things. I said that on here some people have posted that they did it straight after their 20wk scan which personally I think is still way to early. I think if I do it about June that should give me plently of time as I am not due until 8th August.

Anyway he said that he went into Mamas and Papas big store in Southampton and basically said they were going to spend a lot of money in there that day and what discount could they give. They gave him 25% off everything in the store. This was a coupke of years ago now so bearing in mind how many deals are out there now you may be able to get even more off.

I cant wait to go shopping.

Also he said I should go down to Adams to pick up a load of cheap baby stuff now but I think my o/h would go mad if I went home with a load of baby clothes considering im only 9+4




  • I'm 21+5 and we have already ordered our nursery furniture and we did that when I was 19+3! We got it from Mamas and Papas and it was 50% off but if we had ordered the wardrobe after 31 Dec it would have had a 20 week lead time so wouldn't have been here in time for the baby! We did ask about discounts and the manager said they have so many offers on that they woudn't do any at this time of the year. Out of sale season they might though and it doesn't hurt to ask!

    Now we've had the scan and everything is going well its exciting to finally be able to buy things and also spreads the cost. I had only bought a couple of babygrows up until this point though.

  • Yeah - I went shopping the day after my 20 week scan! I bought my cot, mattress, changing table and buggy all from Mothercare - and the lovely assistant pulled all sorts of strings and got me about ??100 off alltogether - and she arranged free delivery.

    It's definately worth asking before you commit to spending the money!
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