Toys R Us - I love my bear range

Just wondering if anyone else has a problem with I love my bear range.

We bought a Gracco I love my bear travel system TSB in store a month ago and the foot muff and soft carry cot that was meant to complete it were out of stock so we could not buy the missing items.

A month later and they are still not available in store or on line. The customer service for Toys for Us Direct is useless and they say they dont know if items are coming into stock.

I am anxious we wont be able to complete our travel system and therefore not be able to use for a newborn.

Anyone had any problems like this?


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  • we are having the hugs and kisses range from there, some items have been out of stock for over 5 weeks but are now becoming slowly available.

    have you got the new catalogue? that will tell you if your items have been discontinued by whether they are in the new catalogue.

    i agree the customer services is useless, we phoned loads of times to see if the items were going to become available.

    hope you can get the items you are looking for. maybe try ebay, some of the shops do sell brand new items. might be worth looking.

    good luck. xxx
  • Oh thank god I seen this thread, I love this pram. Maybe you could try doing a search online for them and see if you can find the rest of the items for it.
  • I have this pram but we bought it back in october when it just came out got all the accesories as the same time except the caryycot but then decided that we would get it a few weeks ago but was told by a friend of mine who is a store manager that the range is out of stock and will be until at least may!! bit late for us as we have now had our daughter (last week) thankfully it was just an extra for us and are happy without unfortunately you may have to be prepared to wait image

    PS the pram is fantastic and soooo easy to use..i had a c/section and can easily collapse it up and and down image
  • Hi,

    I got the 'I love my bear' range when I had my first lo, they always seem to be going in and out of stock. As someone else said try looking on ebay, I got the moses basket set from there brand new just because the person selling had changed their mind which nursery set they wanted!

    Fingers crossed it will be in stock again soon, failing that is it worth calling some of the other large stores and seeing if they have it in? x
  • lots of stuff is oos online but i could get most instore,we were looking at the cotbed and online said april we checked instore and she told us when they were due in warehouse and when able to order,keep checking good luck x
  • Thanks girls.

    We have been trying Ebay (have a saved search on both items) and they have not come up yet in the month we have been looking).

    I think it is really poor service that they cant seem to find out if it will EVER be available.

    Our travel system is not complete without the carry cot and I am really disappointed that we wont be able to use it as the newborn system. I feel like taking it all back.

    The I love my bear range is only sold through Babies R Us. Graco have not responded at all - I am really upset they dont seem to care.

    None of the stores have it in.

    malakin - Im really please to see you love it. I just hope we are able to get the missing items before the baby is here.

    Maybe I should contact trading standards or Dom!!

  • Oh Suzie, this sucks! You must be getting so frustrated!
    To be honest, I doubt trading standards would be able to help, as TRU haven't actually done anything wrong (by "wrong" I mean as far as TS are concerned) and the store that sold it to you wont have known that there were going to be stock issues with it.

    Do Graco sell a carry cot (etc) that will fit the buggy, that isn't 'I love my bear'? You wont use the carry cot bit for long, so would it be OK to have one that didn't match? Or can you hang on a bit longer and see what happens?

    You have up to a year (at least, it was a year when I worked for TRU customer services, but that was in 1998!) to take the product back, as long as it is in a re-saleable condition or broken/unfit for purpose (as far as my memory serves, your situation would make it unfit for purpose). So if you have time before LO arrives, you could hang on and see if the items come back in. OR you could return it all now, and keep an eye out for it coming back in stock - and buy everything at the same time.

    I asked in my local store about the I love my bear range - cos I love it, and have bought loads from it, and I noticed that they seemed to be out of stock on loads of items from it, and they said that the range is really popular - so can't see it being discontinued, but the staff don't always get told about these things.

    Anyway, good luck
  • Thanks Nicky and Lara.

    You know.. there is not even a phone number for customer services. I have emailed them at least 5 times now - I have a Managers name now but they will not release a phone number to me!

    How do they exist?!?

    When do you think I would need the footmuff by?

  • Hello again!
    You might get a better responce if you actually go into the shop in person, and ask to speak to a manager. hopefully you will get someone competant who will be able to help you (can't promise though!)

    they exist because they (more or less) have a monopoly on the toy market. If babies R us was a stand alone store it might be a different story. xxx
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