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  • Whittington Hospital NHS Trust (The). Least well performing.

    Think I be requesting a change!
  • it_must_be_love, I have no knowledge of the maternity unit at whittington but I took my daughter to casulty there after she fell down the stone steps at my hubby's cricket club and split her head open...

    She was 2 years old at the time with an open bleeding head wound, we waited nearly 2 hours just for triage, then a further 4 hours without seeing anyone, we ended up leaving and taking her to whipps cross where she was attented to straight away...

    Not a positive experience!!!!!
  • oldermum69 bury doesnt come under bolton - i think its comes under pennine acute. A friend of mine gave birth at bolton hospital and discharged herself because (i quote) i would rather sit at home and get help from my family than sit here and get help from no one. They also told her she wasnt in labour and gave her something to go to sleep, she was actually in labour and struggled to push because she was so drowsy. My friend is a bit of a drama queen though. Also in the booklet i read at the gps about choosing where to go bolton pct was the worst performing in the ones i could choose from for things like cleanliness. Have you been told which hospitals you can choose from?
  • hi girls i really feel for all you mums who have bad maternity hospitals it must be really annoying and frustrating think it about time they sorted all this out im lucky i leave in hull east yorkshire best prerforming and its quite a new hospital but i really do sympathise with you girls and i hope you all get the help you need

    good luck girls xxx
  • did it say anything about wales hospitals? ive planned to give birth in glan clwyd hospital
  • Hi girls,can i just say like another person has wait until you go to your hospital before you read to much into all the surveys & results,i was booked in at the QE Gateshead then changed my mind half way through to go to durham as the qe was rubbish the qe has come out better then durham,Durham were fab i had the same midwife all day & she really looked after me & my hubby & i cant fault the ward or the staff,yes there are the odd ones who are rude & act like they don't care but isn't that the same were ever you go to theres always that 1 person who isn't as nice as the others. So make judgement on your own experience not on how the news sell it after all they hardly ever have storys on how many millions the nhs has helped,good luck to all waiting to have their babies & i hope you all have good experiences xoxo
  • I would just like to point out that the nhs is not free! We pay for it through our taxes. Ok we dont have to pay medical insurance so we are very lucky to have the nhs but how exactly do you think its paid for?
  • I just don't know what to do for the best all of the hospitals in my local area seem to be failing misrably!
  • this woman is seriously deluded. Wonder where she from to refer to England in capitals????She is just a sick perv who probably gets off while she typing! Strange strange woman or man????? She is probably barren and fridgid and jealous of all us blooming pregnant ladies. Anyway, well replied Sjgachette..on your other post too. Damn right NHS not free. We live abroad and have no choice but private but just because we pay for it up front it does not mean its any better. Everyone worldwide deserves a safe place to give birth. It should not be a lottery of where you live in the UK to determin the care you get.
    Hope you all have safe deliveries and this stupid ignorant animal that keeps coming on here just for kicks finally gets that little white van round to hers to put her in straight jacket and wheel her away where people can help her or him!!!!!!!!!!
    d x
  • What a nasty piece of work you are granvera. Do you have nothing better to do than join sites and get people riled up? And as for a right to better just wait till your first child is born and then you''' be regretting what you just said. Thats if you ever find someone deluded enough to sleep with you. Go get a life.

    Mine is fair you think thats good or bad? I was in stoke mandiville in aylesbury for my daughters birth and it was awful. I was induced and when I started having contractions they wouldnt let me call my mum, I was only 16! The labour was 47 hours long and I had contractions every 2 minutes from the start, They made me push for 2 hours so I tore and had to have an episiostomy and I still couldnt push abby out, turned out she was lying with her nose facing upwards so her little nose kept catching! I was eventually taken into theatre and given an epidural top up, then she came out with forceps and the ventouse. After she was born I was wheeled into a room and left with her on my chest, I couldnt move my arms because of the epidural and I had a massive nose bleed all over the poor little thing because I couldnt lift my arms to move her, or press the buzzer for a nurse so I just had to sit and wait, bleeding all over my new born baby until a nurse came in and cleaned me up. Abby wasnt given a proper check over before we took her home either, and at 10 days old she had a fit and was diagnosed with heart disease, which the cardiac hospital said should have been picked up on her scans, so needless to say I'm going to a different hospital this time!
  • i was reading a report today which really pissed me off. i will admit maybe i had seen this report when it was issued back in 2003, but it was basically the very same thing only obviously now i am preg my ears seem to home in on such topics..i think its laughable that a report concerning these issues was raised in 203 and they said the exact same think. so in that case does it mean even now they have done another report, why should we even give them the benefit of the doubt that anything will actually be done, they didnt do it before, so why would they this time.??

    its so stupid that they issue report after report, (which honestly isnt cheap for them to) and no changes have been mde, so why dont they spend there time and OUR money fixing the problems instead of making a new report every few years showing NO PROGRESS???

    I really wish i could get up in front of whoever seems to held responsible for this neglect of our tax we pay etc because from the state of my homones, i would give them a good piece of my mind!!!

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