What exactly is a sweep??

Hi girls,

I've seen a few posts about sweeps and i get the general idea (i think) but i'm not really sure what it is/how it works, can anyone explain?? Sorry if i'm a bit thick!!!


  • they kind of just run their fingers around the bag of membranes (i think thats the right word lol) to get labour going. not the nicest experience, but it def worked for me as my baby arrived a day later at 6 days overdue. good luck xx
  • Yeah, they basically put fingers inside you and "sweep" them around a bit to induce labour! Not a nice idea but better than being induced. I hope I never have to find out lol! xxx


  • Do you know if its standard practice to have a sweep if your overdue?

    So do you think I may have one tomorrow at my MW appointment?? I will be 5 days overdue then. Or will she wait a while longer before offering me a sweep? Im not so good with internals etc. to be honest - I take it by the comments that they can be uncomfortable??

    God knows what im going to be like in labour!! :roll:


    40wks 4 days
  • Hmmm, another fun side of being pregnant! Thanks for the info, hope thngs happen on their own i guess, cheers girls x
  • It's been ages since I've had anything put inside me and wiggled about lol
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