I don't FEEL pregnant!

Hi guys - hope some of you can give me some advice!

I am about 10 weeks pg and have my first scan in 2 weeks (v excited image)

I was very sick for the last few weeks but this week has been a lot better and if it wasn't for the fact that I am missing an af and had a positive pg test 6 weeks ago I wouldn't know I was pg! I am not showing yet and I just don't feel anything and its making me nervous as I'm having this recurring nightmare that I'm going to go to the scan and there is either going to be nothing there or i've had a miscarriage... I know i'm probably overreacting but does/did anyone else feel like this at this atage?? I had all my bloods taken at my booking appt with midwife a couple of weeks ago and I guess if there was something wrong they would have contacted me by now?

Some words of encouragement would be really appreciated :\?

Abby xxxx


  • Hi Abby, firstly congratulations!

    A lot of women don't feel pg at this stage unless they're having morning sickness etc so don't worry on that score. Yes, your surgery would have contacted you now with your blood results if anything had been amiss, so try and relax until your scan. You'll feel loads better after you've seen your lo's heartbeat!

  • Hi hun.....I was exactly the same in early pregnancy, had absolutly no symptoms and felt really left out that I didn't feel pregnant and even started wondering if I really did have a baby growing inside me.
    TRUST me hun, relish it while you can, as now at 32 weeks, been in hospital, can't see my feet, get breathless, and look at all my gorgeous jeans hanging in the wardrobe gathering dust while I wear tracksuit bottoms!!!!

    Hope you have a lovely, smooth pregnancy.

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • I think the first 12 weeks of pregnancy are harsh as you have no way of knowing all is OK will you have your scan.

    I had bad morning sickness then had one day where I had no symptoms at all. I freaked out, was convinced something was wrong. Yeah, a couple of days later it all came back.
    I am now 22 weeks gone and I find I feel sick if Grace is having a growth spurt so rest assured, all is probably ok.

    As Katie said, make the most of it, before you know it the real joys will set in as mentioned above and you will be wishing it was week 10 all over again.
  • Hey Abby,

    I answered in the nov forum image everyone feels the same as you during the first 12, it's like torture image

    I'm 29 weeks now and the only thing that makes me feel pregnant is when lo kicks me. I didn't really have any morning sickness so was constantly panicking that something had gone wrong.

    As soon as you have your scan a huge weight will be lifted off your shoulders.

    Congrats on your pregnancy.

  • Thank you all so much for your replies - it has made me feel soooo much better! I think I will be much more relaxed as soon as I see little bean/beanette on screen and doing well but thanks for all your support and good luck with all of your pregnancies

    BIG hugs to you all

  • i think we all go through the same emotions, once you have the scan you will feel much better until then you will do nothing but worry!
    Its natural though ok its annoying but your not alone.
    Good luck and keep us posted
  • hiya hun, i had NO symptoms up to 12-13 weeks (i was worried everyday something wasnt right!) then i had the worst all day sickness ever! i couldent keep anything down till 17 weeks.
    im 22+5 now and sickness is slowly shifting but im still not back to my pre pregnancy weight so feel really weak.
    im sure everything will be ok tho hun, got my fingers crossed for you, let us know how it goes
    shaz xxx
  • Definantly not alone. I'm 15wks and still feeling ilke this. Almost the day after the scan I started to worry again if something was wrong with the baby. I had no symptoms and the only thing I did have, sore boobs, went away about 8wks.
    But I've got 16wk apt with mw next wk and should hear the heartbeat so only need to worry until then. Hopefully after that I'll be able to feel the baby moving so I'll be reassured by that. Suz x
  • Hiya, I felt exactly like this. Even though I had symptoms I was convinced that there would be nothing there in the first scan! The relief when I saw bubba bouncing around was unreal - I was wondering if I'd dreamt it all!


    16 + 2
  • hiya, i felt exactly the same, i had no sickness no sypmtoms other than my boobs were a bit tender til about week 8 other than that nothing. its so hard waiting foryour scan just so you can have that reassurance that there is actually something in there. im 22 weeks now and being kicked about all over its bloody lovely. it comes around in no time. enjoy it. xxx
  • I know exactly how you are feeling, im 19wks today and dont feel pregnant at allimage. I havent felt any movements, although i have a doppler so have been listening to bays heartbeat. That is the only reassuring thing.xx


  • I'm in the same boat I'm 10 weeks pregnant I have had some symptoms but just don't feel pregnant I had a misscarage 3rd of October found out I was pregnant again 30th oct was so happy but nervous the same time I've done loads of tests to keep making sure I still am my scan is not till the 6th of January but my partner has just paid for me to have a early 1 on sat I can't wait just pray everything is ok and I see a healthy little baby there I keep having nightmares that I go for my scan and they tell me nothing is there 😩

  • I had a early scan at 1

  • I had a early scan at 10 weeks because of my previous pregnancy being a miscarriage. I was just as nervous so seeing a lil baby on the screen moving was amazing. I sat in the waiting room anxious thinking what if nothing was there as well. But that feeling of seeing something is much better

    I hope the scan went well for you x

  • I am only 7 weeks pregnant.  I was SOOOOOO sick when I was pregnant with my daughter but I'm feeling nothing at all with this one.  I'm having an early scan next week due to having some spotting around the time my period was due and IT CANNOT COME SOON ENOUGH!!!! Just so anxious that something is wrong.  We've been trying for 6 months and I'm not getting any younger I hope I'm just lucky enough to be having a nice easy pregnancy and that everything is OK.   Xxxx

  • Hi all I'm 14 weeks and 6 days pregnant I had morning sickness quite bad from 8 weeks and I have had my 1st scan but now I don't feel pregnant, I don't feel like my stomach is growing at all, I'm so nervous that something is wrong, I get cramping now and then but other then that I get nothing, can anyone help me 

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