own up...who's stolen all my energy?

right im in week 16 and i have never felt this tired.....what on earth is going on.

all i seem to read about is how ill be 'blooming' and 'energised'...i might well be blooming.....but as for energised i think not!

please tell me this will be short lived and that my energy is lurking behind the sofa....



  • It wasnt me I promise - I slept through it all lol

    Love Lee
  • well im at week 28 and someone has stolen mine as well!!! im bloody knackered!!!!
  • You have shattered all my hopes I have been so tired so far. I start the second trimester on saturday and was hoping that all I heard about more energy is true! Oh well better just hide under the duvet for the rest of my pregnancy (I wish!) xx
  • i think its just different for everyone, i could sleep all the time and im 27 wks tomorrow, ive not had an energised stage and im almost in 3rd trimester!

    suppose running about after a wild 3 year old doesnt help tho x


  • i'm pooped baby woke me at 3 kicking crap outta me till 5 when i passed out again lol then alarm wento ff at 6/15 image wahhhhh i want some sleep!
  • I'm 34+1 & I have to say there was 1 day that I felt as though I might be blooming & my energy was slightly better but that was it! One bloody day!!

    I find that I am coming home from work completely wrecked, fall into bed for a 2 hour 'nap' then go to bed early again only to be woken in the middle of the night for no reason!
    It's all fun & games girlies isn't it?
    Lauren xoxo
  • well all i can say is someone must be having a field day with all our energy......

    im off to search for it under my desk......and might just have a quick powernap whilst im there x
  • i have noticed a routine with me for the past two weeks. im 20 weeks gone at this point. Sat, Mon, Wed i have so much energy i could runa maraton. but only between 11-4 then i sleep all night soundly. Sundays i dont move its lazy day. no washing or cleaning please,body doesnt wanna move. Tuesday, Thursday i can get things done but only if i know my hubby will be up for some fun if you get me.lol dont know why i just get extremely horny on tues and thurs. lucky eh?
    But when it comes to Monday or saturday he hands can be kept away thank you, not in the mood. Weird eh?
  • Guilty as charged, I have stolen everyones energy, including syphoning off my own. It is stored in the cupboard under my stairs, awaiting its use when lo arrives! Sorry! x
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