Grr...antenatal class rant....

hi, at my last mw apt i had a different mw who gave me dates for both the april and may classes. They suggest to attend them at 28-30 wks. As i will be 31 weeks next wk i tried contacting my mw at the beginning of the wk to book myself in for the april classes. Only managed to speak to her a second ago. she told me the april ones are over booked and most babies go past term and will put me dowen for the may ones when i will be 37 weeks at the first one. She said the classess usually only are meant for 12 mothers but the april ones have they think only 12 mothers are due each month or something!

Im not too bothered,just annoyed as my managed has given me the next few tues off so i can attend them which means my next w/e off isnt until the beginning of may. i know i have the legal rights to attend antenatal but as we are short staffed at work i didnt want to tell them last minute. Im going to ring the local hosp tomorrow and see if i can get hold of any mws in the local area who can add me to their classess. I suggested this to my mw, but she shrugged me off and said they have their own mothers! GRRRR...

Rant over...when have or are you booked in for your antenatal classes? xxx

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  • haven't booked yet I'm only 21+3 though. I havent got a midwife appt now till I'm 28 weeks. Do you think I should book myself on antenatal class before then?? xxx
  • Hi thats terrible hope you get on some classes. lm booked in a wk on sun wen l'll be 22 wks l tho tht would be too early but l'll go anyway xx
  • Hi bumpety bump - is this your first? Are you having a hospital birth? If yes to both I would ring labour ward and ask if you can be included in a labour ward tour? Tbh that was the only thing i really found useful cause what the midwife covered i had read in books. i gave birth at 37 weeks so late classes would have been no good for me. the mw's kept telling me 1st babes are always late but after birth when i said to mw's that he was early - they said 37 weeks is normal, not early!
  • Is it your community mw that you spoke to? It's worth finding out whether there are any other antenatal classes being run in your area as well. Contacting the hospital is a good start, but also if there are any children's centres near you they sometimes have a mw attached to them who might run their own classes. I work in a school and the mw in our children's centre is really friendly and helpful, she's linked to the local hospital but anyone can go along to see her I think.
  • I haven't heard anything about my classes. I'm 25 weeks now and I don't see the midwife until I'm 28 weeks. I'm not hopeful of getting to any classes at this rate!
  • #the mw had been mentioning them to me from 20 wks, but kept saying your best waiting until nearer the time, so i did! She suggested going to private classes if I wanted to attend some now. But i dont see the point in going private if i can get them free! Yes, it is my first and it will be a hospital; birth. Im not voerly worried as hubby and i were both late babies. But i dont want to rely on this. I'd rather be prepared. My mw said may ones will also be better as i will be with mums from the local due at the same time as me. Tbh In really dont mind if theres mothers at my antenatal class that i dont see again due to be in a different area. (dont mean to sound harsh). I would just rather attend antenatal clinics sooner rather than later! Like newbiemum you cant predict when the baby comes. If i was in newbiemum position with my first, I wouldnt ahve attended any classes!

    Poz - yes it was a community mw. Theres a group of mw based at a community hospital and there are two local big villages that hold classes (1 in april, the other may) which have mothers from the local villages. Does that make sense?!? Which is why 12 for one group a month seems quite small.

    She phoned me at around 5pm to say it was over booked. I got a text from her at 2pm to say yes i could attend the class and she had booked me a place! Im guessing she doesnt do much communicating with her colleagues! within 3 hrs, it's oversubscribed by double! hmmmm....

    I will research into children centres. Thanks for the advice ladies. xxx
  • I've been going to NCT classes but have heard nothing about NHS ones yet. I'm 30+6 and 2 girls, one due before me and one due after have started their NHS classes. Everyone in them seems to be well into 30 weeks so I wouldn't worry too much but its worth doing the chasing up. Most of what you learn you can read in the books but its nice to meet up with people at the same stage. xx
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