I have just got out of hospital after a week and just wondered if anyone else has pre-eclampsia? Im 34+1 weeks and was nearly induced last week which is scary but my bp is being controlled by tablets now just wanted to see if anyone else is going through the same?x


  • Hi Minxs - hope your OK?
    I haven't got pre-eclampsia diagnosed but my BP is totally haywire since I got pregnant, low then high, they aren't worrying about it though and think it's due to white coat syndrome lol. I am worried about pre-eclampsia as my mum had it and a lot of my family.
    Just to say I hope ur keeping ok, and your baby hangs on in there OK, but if she was born now she would have an excellent chance of survival. These days they are so much more sussed about pre-eclampsia, my bf's mum had protein in her urine at 29 weeks and they ignored it & she nearly died in prem labour a few days later...Sorry didnt mean to scare you as they treat it SO much better now x x x
  • hi. i ahve had pre-eclampsia 3 times out of my 5 pregnancies. i have been induced each time because the bp woun't go down. unfortunatly my consultant doesn't believe in blood pressure tablets so i end up spending alot of time at the end in hospital on bed rest. untill it is a safe time for me to be was hard in my last pregnancy as i had 4 kids at home and i was in and out of hosp and was induced at 37 weeks. with the other 2 cases i have been induced at 38 weeks after spending 2 weeks in hosp and the other was at 39 weeks after a few trips in and out of hosp again.
    try not to worry the hosp an dmidwife should keep a close eye on you and if anything was to change they would act upon it. good luck and try to rest up.xxxx
  • Hi thanx, i am ok just a bit scary not knowing whats happening day by day. I see my midwife Wed and then hospital for bloods and bp Thur i am also anaemic. I have a bp machine at home but they are not that reliable although its reading similar each time and very high so now im paranoid but dont wana go back hospital! Think i just need a decent nights sleep!xx
  • hi, iv not been diagnosed with it but was took into hospital last week as i had spotty vision, head aches and proten in my urine but cause my blood poressure is ok they are just monitoring me more,
    my sister got it at the end of her pregnancy to she only had swollen ancles and wrists as symptoms, they kept it controlled till 38 weeks then induced her, baby and mother were fine.
    they should be keeping a eye on you more now hun,
    take care xxx

  • Hey thanx all just worrying! They have said they want to get me to 37 weeks then probably induce me so we will see! I just want my baby to be ok which she has been so far! Be glad when shes here safely though x
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