Anyone get BFP with no PEAKs on CBFM????

Tomorrow I will be using my 20th stick and I am still getting highs!!! I will be on cd25 tomorrow and was hoping to have had a peak by now. Last month I ov on cd26 so if I was gonna ov the same this month I should of had a PEAK by now shoulnt I?????

Been getting twinges and breakout of spots which makes me think I have either ov already or I am about to!!! I am just so confused and getting frustrated!!!!
Oh this is my 2nd month using the CBFM!!!

what do you think ladies and did anyone concieve after only getting HIGHs on your CBFM???

Thanks Ladies


  • Hi Rach1983,
    I got a BFP after only getting highs on CBFM for most of my cycle. I got highs from CD12 until CD25. On CD26 and 27 I got a PEAK. This really confused me! I got BFP on CD31. I know I did get a PEAK but thought I would mention it to you as a PEAK may still arrive for you never know but I must have already conceived before I got PEAK. When I spoke to doctor about it she said the PEAK readings so late could have been my pregnancy hormones being picked up.
    Hope I've made sense and good luck with your BFP.
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