Dentist -v quick question!!

I know we are entitled to free dental treatment whilst pregnant, but was wondering if there is a special form we have to take with us or something?! Unfortunately, my original m/w has left & i now don't know who to ask!!!


  • You should have recieved an exemption card in the post, which your mw should have sent off for you.

    Give your gp practice a call and they can order you one

    Hope this helps hun

  • How far gone do you have to be when you get this? I also heard you get free prescriptions but im still paying for mine!
    Mikayla 15+6 x
  • Hiya....I've had 2 lots of dental treament since being pregnant( lucky me!).
    The 1st time I went I told them I was pregnant and my exemption card hadn't come through the post and they said that it was fine as it would be on my medical records that I was pregnant. The 2nd visit I took my exemption card and they just quickly looked at it and didn't charge me. This is only free if you have an NHS Dentist and not a private dentist.

    Your prescriptions should be free hun, on the back of the form you need to tick maternity box.

    You should have been given a form from your midwife on your 1st appointment that you fill in and take to your GP surgery. They should then send it off and you should get your card through the post.

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • I got my card when I was about 7 weeks preggo image I have had to have extensive dental treatment done since that came up to about ??800 so I'm really lucky to be exempt

  • If you haven't got your exemption card it should be enough just to tell your dentist and they can make a note of it. You shouldn't pay for any NHS dental treatment whilst pregnant or for a year after baby is born so get everything you need done during that time and make sure you get a check up before it ends.
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