Anyone overweight & preggers?

This is probably going to be such a daft post! Was wondering if any of you ladies are overweight and pregnant? Im worrying about every little thing! And the newest one is my weight! Will it affect my pregnancy? How will my bump look compared to you slim girls? Will i even get a bump? Or just look fatter? The questions going round my head are crazy!!



  • I think it depends how overweight. I was a bit overweight at the start of my pregnancy (a beached whale now at nearly 37 weeks!!), about a size 16, and it hasn't affected me at all. I have a great big bump, but it's very obviously a baby bump rather than just too many pizzas. Earlier on though when i started to show, it did just look like i was getting fatter rather than pregnant and i felt quite paranoid about it. I do know a girl who was quite a bit bigger than me to start with and she's due about 2 weeks later than me, i saw her the other week and was surprised that she didn't really look any different from before she was pregnant, but then everyone carries differently. She's glowing, and i just look knackered!
    Health wise weight hasn't affected me at all, but i think some doctors give extra tests to bigger girls to check for things like gestational diabetes, but your mw will be able to go over that stuff with you. As long as you are happy and eat healthily, your baby will be just fine so don't let it worry you! I would think that if your weight were that big a problem your body wouldn't have let you conceive in the first place...
    Sorry, i've rambled on there, i was worried about it too at the start though, same as you, so i hope that has helped.
  • Hi! It doesn't sound stupid at all. I'm in the same boat as you and I do worry about it. I have had some trouble finding decent maternity clothes, but no other weight-related issues yet. I worry about every little thing and would whether I was overweight or not!

    Hope everything is going well with your pregnancy,

    Hels (18+3) xxx
  • Im the same as MrsC and about a size 16 pre pregnancy (god knows what I am now lol) my weight hasnt effected my pregnancy at all. The only thing is I will need to wear stockings once I have had the baby to reduce the risk of DVT, my midwife even said to me not to worry no one is perfect. Im 39+3 and obviously had a baby bump about 22 wks, it was annoying around 16 wks though when your waist "thickens" and I felt I was at that is she or isn't she pregnant stage but it doesn't last long!
    I hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months
    Amy xxx
  • Im worrying anyway because of 2 previous mcs, and didnt know if it was maybe because of my weight i had the mc. But this time round i had an ealry scan and seen my babys heartbeart! Which ive never seen before so i just hope everythings ok! I am quite overweight! Not just a tad!

  • Can i ask what size you are hel? xxx

  • One of my mates was a size 22 when she fell pregnant with her daughter and her weight didn't cause her any harm she did need a test for gesational diabetes which came back negative. In some cases because you tend to eat healthier ie more fresh fruit and veg ect women can loose weight when they are pregnant. I really wouldn't worry about it too much, stress is probably worse for the baby. If your worried though deffo speak to your midwife xxx
  • Hiya babydevil, the midwife told me on monday that they would test me for gestational diabetes. Hope im worrying over nothing!!


  • Hiya, am an overweight preggy mum! Had joined slimming world 2 wks before I found out I was pregnant and wondering why wasnt losing weight. Am good size 16 and recommend Simply Be stuff to "bigger" women. Have got a couple of really good skirts from there which arent maternity but will defo last majority of the time. They also do maternity wear for bigger sizes. Was also scared that would just look fatter but my tummy is definately a different shape and havent put weight on (so far) but with Xmas round the corner omg! Did not know bout the diabetes stuff so thanks ladies.
  • hi all im a big preg lady i am about 18weeks now and have a deffo baby bump which is getting more round by the day i havent had any problems so far at all try not to worry
  • I've only just found out I'm pregnant, about 4 or 5 wks I think. But already I've been worrying about my weight. I'm a size 18-20 so a couple stone overweight. But I know a girl a work that was about 10-12 stone overweight and she has 2 beautiful children and had no problems at all. S x
  • Hi i was a size 22 24 b4 i got pregnant so im very overweight and always have been. Ive two beautiful boys already and im 29 weeks pregnant with my 3rd. You can really tell im pregnant not just fat and my belly button has actually popped out which I thought would never happen.

    I have had no problems with anything, i have had a gtt test but that was fine.

    Dont worry so much and enjoy your pregnancy

    Sara x
  • This is one of the things I love about this site! Everyone is NORMAL!!!! Its not just about the mums who can pose like J-lo and Christina!

  • I was a couple of stone overweight when I fell pregnant and like you oldermum, 2 wks before I found out I joined weight watchers. I was a size 16 bottom and a 12 top and even though I've put on just over 2 stone since being pregnant I've been lucky as I'm all bump so it balances me out at long last. I too have had 2 miscarriages and weight has nothing to do with it hun, (if anything its why I was a couple of stone overweight due to comfort eating)x
  • hey girls, i put some weight on before getting pg, i'm now 12 + 4 and just feel fat : ( lol!!!! My tummy is pg bump shaped but i look much further on than i am. i keep telling myself that this isn't the time to worry about my weight as i reach for the maltesers...

    joking aside, i've not done any kind of exercise for 3 months (2 previous m/c so taking it super easy) but i'm going to finally crack open the davina dvd next week after my scan and hopefully stem the weight gain!

  • Where can you get that Davina DVD. Looked in HMV last week and couldnt find it and there is NO WAY am gonna work out with Jade, Coleen or any of the other wannabees!
    With my last 2 pregnancies still looked major pregnant when they were toddlers so dont wanna be like that this time (who am I trying to kid!!) but thought that Davina one might help a bit!
  • Thank you for all your replys, its so reassuring to hear im not on my own! I suppose the mean thing im worrying about is what i call my "Spare tyre!" lol And how it will affect my belly bump!! x

  • that's exactly what I've been worrying about. Glad to hear I'm not alone. Everyone's bodies are different so I guess time will tell. S x
  • older mum - i got mine from Amazon ages ago. It's specifically designed for pregnant ladies.
  • Hi dont worry about your weight as you all are beautiful and will get more beautiful the further on you get. I am a size 16-18 but i have my baby weight from last time still as my lo is only 14 weeks today and i am 10+1 weeks pg with my third but i am not worrying just means i can eat more over xmas and make up for not drinking lol and not feel guilty
    vikki xx
  • i'm classed as clinically obese! i'm approx 18stone and don't look that big. it's not something to worry about though i was told by consultant.
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