Gaviscon and Pregnancy

hey everyone

I know im just worrying over nothing but how much Gaviscon is safe to take when pregnant?

I have been getting SEVERE heartburn it hurts so much but stop myslef taking anything because dont want to hurt bub bub

I take it when it gets really bad, on the bottle it says after every meal and at bedtime is this ok???

im sure if someone says yes you can im going to go a neck the whole bottle!!!

Laura (25+5) xxx


  • Yes gaviscon is safe - I have been virtually drinking it throughout my pregnancy (my mum thinks baby will come out with a bottle in hand!!!).

    There is no maximum dose on bottle (I've checked!!!) - I even carry a small bottle in my bag - was swigging from bottle on saturday morning!!

    If you are using loads make sure you get it on repeat prescription from the GP so that it is free!

    right im off to get the bottle - relief here i come!!

    Got midwife appointment at 1pm so will look into getting it on prescription and stock up!

    thanks lisa!
  • Hi there I go peptac from my mw for serve heartburn and have been drinking it from the bottle throughout the night!!! Don't know how I would cope without it!
    Tammi xxx
    28.3 weeks
  • I've been taking the Rennies fruit flavour tablets. They say safe to use when pregnant and doesn't mention a limit to how much you can take.
    But peppermint tea, or peppermint anything I think, is supposed to be good for heartburn if you're worried about taking too much gaviscon. S x
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