hellooo!!! i got my bfp yesterday!!!

Hi girls i am pleased to come across and join you, although slightly nervous as hoping it is a sticky bean after mc in sept!!!

So I wanted to say congrats to all of you too!

I am not sure how far along I am or when i am due as here is my story!

It was my second month of using my cbfm. I got my 2 peaks on cbfm 4 weeks ago. but i didnt get my associated nipple pain which i always get with ovulation. so just thought maybe it doesnt happen all the time. However, about 1 and half weeks after peaks, i started with nipple pain and ewcm, so did an ebay ovulation stick and it was +, and contiuned to be for 3 days! but they went back to - after these 3 days. very odd!
I also used preseed for the first time this month. I am convinced the preseed did the trick!
so i dont know if i am just under 4 weeks or just under 6! I might have to get a cbd indicator!
Arghhh!! I am so excited!!!


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