(tmi) my waters???

I know this probably sounds silly but how would i know if my waters broke?

I don't think they have cause i've still got 60days left but the last two times i've been to the toilet today my knickers have been wet (sorry tmi) is clear and odorless and not socking just wet also there is not blood or anything like that and i'm sure i'm not have contractions or anything as sure i'd know about it if was

anyone any advice one what might be going on, x



  • Hi hun. I had something similar on monday night, I went into the kitchen and there was a splash on the floor! Not very much but definatly not wee..it was clear. I rang delivery suite and they said to come in so I did and they did an antenatal check including an internal and an ultrasound and said my hind waters had gone. Apparently these are the waters behind the baby and its nothing to worry about the sack will replenish itself, theres no risk of infection to the baby. It sounds like the same kind of thing has happened to you. I would ring your midwife or hospital to get checked out. It doesnt mean that labour is on the way or anything, they kept me in overnight and sent me home the next day and I've had a little bit of trickling since but nothing major. I'm 27+6. Hope this helps a bit!
  • thanks carlybarley nice to know its not just my imagination, have spoken to mw who just said to monitor things so will do, thank god its not start of labour cause i've not packed a bag or got much for baby yet, lol its made think about what i need though, xx
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