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I am part of another forum as well as this one and through chatting with the ladies on there is has become apparent that the level of maternity service you get is dependent on your postcode. Some ladies are not even getting a 20 wks scan which is ridiculous. One of the ladies has started a petition to 10 Downing street to get Equal Materity rights for all. Please could you take 5 mins of your time to sign it as this effects all of us.

Many thanks

S xx


  • I've signed it
  • signed it darlin xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • I have too!!!
  • signed it!
  • me too xxx
  • I've just signed it too. I'm in Edinburgh and don't get 20 week scans at the moment. However, I wrote to my MSP and to the Health Minister and got a reply last week. I've been told the reason we didn't get them was due to a shortage of trained staff. But this will be changing as of May when my health board will be rolling out 20 week scans for all!! So Although the scheme was presumably in the pipeline before my letters, at least I feel like I did my bit!
    However, I realise we still don't all get the same treatment so think the petition is very valid, so get signing everyone!!
  • Consider it done xxxx
  • I've signed it too.

    Mummym - I'm in Edinburgh too and knew from friends not to expect a 20 wk scan. But it's interesting to learn that this is changing in May. I will be 20wks in May, I wonder if I stand a chance of getting anotehr scan ?
    Suz x
  • signed it !!!!!!!
  • Gr8 idea - name is on the petition now!
    Sarah xx
  • Thanks for highlighting this - I've just signed.

    Can't believe they have stopped the 20 week scan in Edinburgh! It's just ridiculous. I got mine in Aberdeen (only be reintroduced in the last couple of years apparently) and they found a minor problem with one of baby's kidneys that needs to be monitored. If I hadn't had that scan then no one would be doing anything because it wouldn't have been picked up... I have to have another 2 scans then he'll be scanned himself once born. Wouldn't be getting any of that care without the 20 week scan.

    I'm furious about the lack of standard care in some areas. These scans are essential and we shouldn't have to fight for them. But I'm preaching to the converted here!
  • I've signed too but damn i live in edinburgh and had no idea there is no 20week scan. I'm only 8 weeks so maybe will get one by then but if not i think ill go private as i think its important xx
  • ive signed it darling. xx
  • joining in too image never did understand why some get more than others and the levels of quality in midwives is horrendous what makes anyone more special than another all baby's are precious!
  • Thank you so so much for your support ladies.

    Unfortunately it's not just Edinburgh that doesn't offer 20 wks scans, there are a few other areas that are the same.

    My personal issue is with MW care, I was seen at 9 wks for my booking and saw my MW for the second time yesterday and am now 24+5. This is quite common place now, some ladies are going from booking appointment to 28 wks, whereas others are seen at 10, 15, 18, 20 for scan, 24 and so on. The level of care across the country needs to be equal for all and that is what we are hoping to achieve.

    Once again, thanks you for your support

    S xx
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