kidneys?? protein in urine + blood & glucose

i was sent to hospital last friday for further tests after the nurse picked up protien in my urine and moderatly high blood pressure. My blood pressure has come back down to normal so the hospita;l dont seem to be too worried about that but i still have protein in my urine and lab tests have confirmed its not an infection. The midwife thinks it may be my kidneys????? Anyone else experienced this????

I have never had any problems with kidneys in past and i feel well in myself. Im back to hosp on monday for gluscose blood tests as they picked up glucose and blood in urine (grade 2 on the dippy sticks) and I see the consultant on Thurs after doin a 24hr urine collection!!!! Lovely!!!

K 27+5

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  • Hi, I had blood, protein and glucose in my urine. Midwife thought I might be diabetic and asked me to cut out all full-fat drinks (I drink a lot of them) which I did. My urine came back with no glucose as soon as I cut these out, so it might be the same with yours? I got my bloods done as well and they came back with no glucose, which was good even though urine showed 4 times normal amount. My doc also confirmed I don't have an infection so not sure about blood and protein either. I'm only 9+5 though so you might be different as your further on xx
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