20week scan

Hi guys, just wanted to say that I had my 20 weeks scan yesterday and how amazing is it seeing a perfectly formed, but small, baby in ya tummy. I had started to feel it kick quite low a few weeks ago, and even the husband can feel it a little, but could not get over how high it is as well.
If you are waiting for scan, whether it be 12 or 20 weeks, it is well worth the wait!!

H x ;\)


  • glad all went well ive got my 12wk scan 16th jan and cant wait.

    love becs xx
  • Hi Becs, it is so worth it, you may even get a tear in ya eye!
  • Hi Hazeleast, i have my scan at 18 weeks on 17th jan, cant wait...your pic is amazing! my 10 week scan looks like a lil baby potato (bit still the most beautiful thing i ever did see)

    did you hear the heartbeat too? im excited for that! im not sure if im feeling movements yet, just bubbles. but i can actually see my heartbeat on my tum when i lie down!! can you? is that wierd? haha! i dont have a clue!!!
  • yeah, you can really hear the heart beat on the 12 week, it;s really fast, but you can see the heart beating on the 20 week. My little one though was facing down, so I had to get up and walk around for 10 mins, he/she did turn over though, I just really dissapointed that there are no more, a whole 20 weeks not seeing it again!!
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