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75 days till sprogs entrance to the world and i have one main concern. i went to london to meet oh family and one of his cousins girlfriend had a baby a few months ago, any way we all met in a pub and as soon as the baby turned up he was being passed around like a parcel, his parents didn't seem bothered. i know this will happen with my baby and i wont like it coz it's a baby not a gift for a game also im worried the family as well as mine will only want to know the baby and push me aside. another thing is that he has a cousin aged 7 and iv'e seen her with anouther cousin who's younger and she the 7 year old pulls the other one about and treats her like a doll. she dosen't listen to her mum and can be very disobedient[ think i spelt it right]. it's not my place to tell her off or hit her. so if she starts treating my son like a toy what can i do about it. i do like his family but being my first baby im gonna be realy protective of him, but i dont want his family to think i dont want them near him.



  • Hiya!!!

    Well for starters my family does not live in England. So when I do go to see them, I dont think i will see my baby for 2 weeks. I did think OMG!!! Its my first and I will be over protective. But also dont forget it is your baby. And it's only natural that everyone will want to touch and hold. Everyone loves babies. Sometimes not letting them interact with others will leave that child shy. And might not be able to build self confidence if being kept from people all the time.

    I met my bf's family. His brother's wife was a school teacher. They have three kids now. 4,2 and 6 months. All three girls. She doesn't share her children. It was like sitting in front of an icy fire. When granny arrived the girls didn't even jump up to say hello to granma. Which made me sad cause thats how kids should be around granparents. They sat far away from us and when struggling to eat their food I offered to keep the baby while she was eating. She coldly said no thank you. She should learn to sit still.

    Guess what I'm trying to say is. There is being over protective and being a strict mum. She was being overprotective. Those kids dont even feel comfprtable in the company of their close family. They don't know whether to smile and greet or run and laugh and be happy.
    And remember letting them be and letting them get used to family wont mean you cant be strict and have an obediant child. We as kids knew our mums limits.

    You will be fine. I promise. It will come naturally.
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