blurred vision, couldnt see out one eye!!

can anyone help, what could this be.

today i was walking home from taking my daughter to nursery (about 10/15 min walk) and i started getting really blurrred vision, worse in my right eye to the extent that i couldnt see out one side of it. it was so bad that i couldnt read words or numbers on my mobile to phone anyone to come and get me. this was about 12.30 and now i have just had a wee sleep of about 20 minutes (well didnt slepp just lay down with eyes shut), and now i am left with dots floating around in front of my eyes.??

does anyone know what this is? is it just dizziness?should i bother phoning hospital?



  • Hey,

    I seem to remember my mw saying that symptoms similar to yours are linked with pre-eclampsia (sp), I could be wrong but I def remember her saying that.

    I would call the hosp just to be safe.

    Hope you feel better hun.

  • It could be pre-eclampsia and you should probably ring just to be on the safe side.

    I have had migraines throughout my pregnancy which brings on similar symptoms but if your symptoms are new you should at least ask! How has your BP been?

    Lisa 39+3
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