Hi All

I have a really weird question

is it normal to feel / be really hungry

i am currently 6 + 5 never experieced this before but constantly feeling hungry




  • Me too!!! Am 13+6 and hungry all the time!! Just enjoy it and hope that you don't put too much weight on!!
  • I had this too - just be careful though, I'm 18+4 now and I've put on a huge amount of weight - nearly a stone and a half (although some of mine was due to bedrest when I was bleeding) - good luck, xx
  • Yeah Im starving all the time, only six weeks though. The stupid thing is though when I eat i feel really sick afterwards n then feel bad n keep thinking "ur gona end up the size of a whale by the time you reach 3 months!" ha ha ha. Must be normal we are eating for two now ha ha ha! k x
  • Hi All... I was more neaseous than hungry in the 1stt trimester but between 6-9 months I was starving all of the time, before I'd even finished lunch I was thinking about dinner. I was really worried about putting on loads of weight but baby must have needed the extra calories as once she was born it was such a relief not to be hungry all of the time. xx
  • I don't understand why but i can feel hungry one minute then find that as soon as i start cooking food or out food in front of me i feel sick I have gone off all my favorite foods which include pasta, pizza and spag bol. I still like the pizza, pasta and spag bol but i seem to be sick after i have eaten them. I am also being sick after i have eaten too much. (i think) \even though i spent most of my time feeling sick so far I still enjoy my fry up breakfast most mornings although to make it healthier i have toast instead of fried bread and i don't have sausage or egg anymore never liked egg anway.
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