I felt my baby!

today I felt my baby it was 6am had been awake since 4am couldn't sleep was worrying about contract finishing at work this friday, sorting our house out, plus loads of other stuff!

THEN I felt this twisting on my middle left hand side - I thought oh my god whats happening to me? It went on for about 30 secs but i was so tired it took me a min to relise it was my BABY!! I kept nudging OH lol so funny when you dont want to wake someone up but you do really want to wake them up! you'll call there name but quitely or nudge them but just a little...

It got to the point I just blurted it out 'I JUST FELT THE BABY!!' OH was very tired but woke up had a feel of my belly and asked what it felt like and where it was, and how did i know and could i feel it on the out side ect... it just lay in bed touching my tummy... but nothing more alas!

A bit later I think i felt a much smaller move on the other side but it's happened so quickly and they are so gentle it was hard to tell!

But the move at 6am was most defo the baby moving it felt like him doing a flip over and then over again like he was doing summersaults! And it was a really big movement!! :lol: image :lol:

About time I say at 22 weeks and 4 days lol but i think that it now they will start to happen and hopefully OH can share them too very soon! xxx image image image image image image image image image image image


  • Congratulations, from now on u will feel it all the time i always get my belly out to show OH wen baby is moving, it looks so weird especially wen it decides to stay lob sided. Jus wait til these movements turn into full blown kicks and punches. Congrats agen. Kerry xxx

  • Yey, dont you just love feeling the little sucker scwiggle around and stuff. Makes me smile every time especially at night when OH and I watch it move my belly.
  • i can't wait to feel mine i am hoping it will be soon! i am 18 weeks 2morrow! i am really small so i thought i might have felt it earlier i guess not! i had a gender scan at 16 weeks and saw baby giving me huge kicks but i never felt a thing! i have occasionally felt a twitching on my left hand side but i think it was a trapped nerve! lol. xxx
  • aww thats great i cant wait till i start feeling my lo moving only 5 weeks at the mo so not for a good few weeks yet for me xx
  • Yeah it does REAAAALLLY feel like a traped nerve! haha I discribed it like the twich you sometimes get in your eye haha x
  • Princessjane, the twitching you've felt was probably your baby! Sometimes my movements can feel like a trapped nerve but I definitely know it's baby!! It started for me at 18+2 weeks! xxxx
  • Congrats!! I love feeling Bubble move (although can be a bit uncomfortable sometimes)!
    DH used to get a bit frustrated when he couldn't feel movements at first, but is now facinated when you can actually see my tum moving!
    Sarah xx
  • really! i only ever seem to feel it at night! it lasts about 10 secs. am really pleased now!! thanks xx
  • Yep, it's great isn't it? Now you know it's baby you will probably notice it more often. The movements will get stronger and more frequent now, it's wonderful! xxxx
  • just felt twitching now!! lol how weird! yeh ur right will be noticing it al the time now! my hubby can't wait to feel it too!! xx
  • Mine has started responding to hubby's voice. He's so pleased, never seen him so happy. It happened on Sunday a few times, then again last night. It seems to like it when he puts head near my belly and talks to it about work! It's so funny! As soon as he stops talking to it, it stops kicking! LOL.
  • My bump does that too - he starts fidgeting in there when hubby is around and if we put our hands on my tummy he kicks us off!! Is nice for the blokes i reckon, helps my oh feel a bit more involved in things. Shame my 5 yr old can't share, she puts her ear to my tummy and declares that she can hear the baby singing!
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