needed to have a rant

this isnt really about anything, i just needed to get it of my chest.

im 19 and i have been engaged to my boyfriend for a year on boxing day. im 22 weeks pregnant with a little girl, and we are so happy about it. yesterday, we went to see my boyfs grandparents to tell them about the baby. we hadnt seen them for ages coz they live far away. we told them, unknowing that his mum had already told them and they went off into this rant about how dissapointed they were in us and how that kids shouldnt be born out of marriage and all this crap. i sat there and felt totally vindicated by them as when they were saying all this stuff, they said it towards me not my boyf, because i was the one that was pregnant not him. we honestly thought that they would be pleased, as most are, but the reaction we got really upset me. to make things worse, i told my granparents when i was 12 weeks, and they were so made up!! the baby is even due a day after my grandads birthday! he nearly choked on his cup of tea when i told him!! but a few weeks after i showed him the first scan, he was taken into hospital and died a few days later of kidney failure. i was gutted. he wanted so badly to see my baby, and now he cant. it was even mentioned in the funeral about how excited he was and how he couldnt wait to bath the baby. it makes me feel so sick that my boyf grandparents didnt even want to see the scan, and the person who wanted to see the baby the most, cant. it doesnt matter whether your married or not, the most important thing is that we love each other and that the people around us do care about me and the baby. i refuse to go and see his granparents now. id rather my baby be seen be the people who appreciate how special she is. i just hope she is born on my grandads birthday! thanks for listening, and good luck. dont listen to what anyone else says.

love from gracie and baby girl bump 22 weeks +1 xxx


  • Thats it. You keep your spirits high!!! Dont let people get you down. I'm not married either. And whoever has a problem with it will have to just deal with it. I've ben through alot in life. And have learnt that its you that should come first.
  • I hope she's born on your grandad's birthday too. it would be such a tribute to him. even if she's not you'll still be reminded of him as it will be near the time.

    as for your bf's grandparents....stuff them! How childish, not wanting to see the scan photo. they're living in the dark ages.

    just forget about them and look forward to having your little angel with you soon. Take care, Karys.
  • as yummymummy says,stuff them!

    how dare they judge you and criticise you. you are engaged to the father of your baby which is more than you can say for a lot of girls. me and oh arent engaged but have been together for nearly 4 years and living together for 3 years, and im 21!

    ive kind of ignored some people throughout my preg too as theyre attitudes suck and are unwelcome. stick to yourguns, dont let people get u down and enjoy your pregnancy. hope she comes on your gdads bday, that would be v special

  • Thats awful! I really hope she comes on your grandads birthday too, just ignore your bf's prandparents.Leave them to sulk! They will soon change there minds! xxx
  • thats just a horrible thing to say! i really hope your lo comes on your grandads birthday! that would be sucha nice thing for you! id just ignore them they sound like ther livin in dark ages!
  • Sorry but how old fashioned can you get? I work in an environment where everyone is nice but a certain member of staff is a bit 'hoity toity' and stuffy and whenever ive mentioned in the past about any of my sister's having a baby i get asked 'oh i didnt know she was married'. Eh?? Its the same person who asked every time one of them gave birth (oh is she married now?).


  • lmao now then i have had a similar experience.... I had the you should get married b4 kids and don't bother having klids their too expensive blah blah blah .they shut their mouths when they found out... the worst part was his grandad told my oh that he'd regret it whilst they were alone in the kitchen i thought what a mean thing to say considering he's more excited than i am! his nan's ok about it but then they have to be his sister was 13 when she fell pregnant and 14 when she had his niece! certainly not with the father as he threatened to harm her and the baby so my oh decked him lol. she's just had number 2 but she was born in wed lock. My oh and i are engaged but in no rush to get married as i won't take his name anyway. whats a bit of paper and a ring in this day and age any how??? my oh and i have been togetehr 2 years and although talked about it we were not ready and knew when the time was right we would know and we did image my parents did the try and clear debts b4 getting pregnant but then after being told have been very supportive about it. infact my dad's more excited than we are and its his 3rd grandchild...lmao bless him he's even more excited now that he's the only one coming to my 20 week scan lol. as for negatives. I know the inlaws are saying i trapped him into a relationship wiht the baby. SAD people with SAD lives pay more attention to others than their own and are very selfish.
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